Thanksgiving 2011: The Second Coming

We had my partner's mom over for dinner tonight. It turned out to be the first meal I've cooked for her in five years that came together perfectly. Nothing was burnt, nothing had parchment paper melted and stuck all over it, everything was even ready at the same time. That's two full, delicious holiday meals made without mishap in two days, people.

Vegan Thanksgiving Menu, 2.0

Ginger Peach Tea 

Willie's Colossal Confetti Salad
Terry Walters' Silky Sweet Potato Pie
Terry Walters' Baked Maple Mustard Tempeh

I did take things a little bit easier today. Instead of spending 5 hours in the kitchen, I only spent 2. Also, everything was much healthier. Barely any oil was used at all. Flax and sea veg was abundant. Willie over at Until We Eat Again makes a really badass salad. the first time I had it, it was made by the man himself. The first time I put it together it wasn't nearly as good because I didn't put enough stuff in it. This time, I loaded lose kale leaves up with so much goodness, hoo-boy. Willie, thank you for this salad, it completes me.

I've had both of Terry Walters' books - Clean Food and Clean Start - for awhile and have only managed to use it once or twice. I doubled my usage out today when I made her sweet potato pie and baked tempeh. Both were delicious. I especially loved the crust for the pie because it didn't involve a rolling pin. Just smushing of dough into pie dish. Of course I couldn't find my glass pie dish and had to use the tin version but, a win's a win. I chose the tempeh because the recipe called for maple syrup, something I was already using in the pie. Everyone found it super flavourful, I'll definitely be making it again.


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