Niagara-on-the-Lake 2011: The Prince of Wales Hotel

My partner's mother said she wanted to stay in the nicest place in town... and so we did. The Prince of Wales Hotel sits on Main Street in Niagara-on-the-Lake's historic district. A few years ago it was completely renovated, to the tune of something outrageous like $30million, or so I heard a bellboy tell another guest.

If you ever have the chance to stay at The Prince of Wales, don't pass it up, it's ten notches above what you expect or hope it to be. Everything was made of polished marble, hardwood and brass. The swimming pool was filled with salt water, which was great because I have sensitive eyes and they weren't bothered at all. At the spa we all had fantastic massages and my masseuse was a particularly hilarious lady.

We had water and oranges in our room every morning and a long stem rose left on our pillow every night at turn-down. We extra loved the portrait that hung on the wall opposite the bed so that the Prince and his dog could always keep an eye on us. Oh, and, we had to deal with a king sized bed with a huge pillow top spread over the mattress. 

So what does this have to do with anything vegan? Well, I ate breakfast at the hotel twice, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day... or something like that. I'm actually not really a big breakfast person, probably because I'm not really into the idea of waking up during breakfast hours. I had a lot of hash browns and a HUGE bowl of oatmeal each morning. The oatmeal was the real stuff, too, not a quick cook grain in sight. It came with fresh fruit both times, and I stirred in various jams that came in the cutest little jars. My server seemed confused when I asked if anyone could make me a London Fog, so I made one myself with concentrated earl grey, hot soy milk and sugar.

We had dinner at Escab├Ęche, the uber-fancy restaurant at The Prince of Wales but, that post will come tomorrow when it faces DeLuca's Wine Country Restaurant in an epic vegan dinner battle. And you know you want to check back to read that.


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