Introducing The Lowdown

Another new series I’ve been planning tointroduce on TTP is The Lowdown – a weekly/bi-weekly series of posts regardingvegan nutrition. Initially posts will focus on covering the basics, i.e. vegan foodgroups, protein, calcium, iron, B12, etc. I’m still feeling out exactly howwhere the series will go after this first phase.

I know that a lot of this information willbe old hat for many experienced vegans out there but, I also know there aretons of us who are lazy with regards to our nutrition. I hope this series benefitsold and new alike. (If you’re one of those smarty pants who happens to be allon top of the nutrition ball, Tuesdays at The Tofu Princess might not be yourfavourite =P )

Look for the inaugural Lowdown post tonightwhere I’ll discuss the four vegan food groups!


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