A Fall Night Out!

There's something I really really love about Halifax. There are fantasticrestaurants, stores and gorgeous sites to see. 

Last night, Mark and I hurried to downtown Halifax for a night on the town.We walked around everywhere, enjoying the amazing weather and the city-lifeatmosphere. 

We found a little friend on our adventure!

After going in and out of a few stores, we were starving and decided to goto Durty Nellys pub. Mark grabbed a drink and I got a sparkling water. Wewanted a delicious and indulgent appetizer for a meal so we got rustic potatochips. It was almost like fresh BBQ potato chips with bacon, spring onions andcheese. So so good!

By the time we were done eating and enjoying the friday night buzz of therestaurant, we wanted dessert. I had seen a new `desserterie` and bar hadopened on Barrington Street and we decided to make our way down there. 

The Middle Spoon is an amazing place! It`s super chic and cozy, with tealights everywhere and fancy leather furniture. We had a great server whoexplained to us that all the drinks were made from scratch and fresh, so ittakes a little longer for them to be made. (So worth it!) And that the dessertswere made from scratch each morning. 

Mark got a fabulous root beer float drink (yes, it was a cocktail and sofabulous!) and I got aphrodite`s weakness, a super sweet martini withraspberries and it was the best drink I have ever had!

Then we ordered dessert. A sharable size sundae, with cake balls in it. Thecake balls were chocolate cake mixed with butter cream icing and coated inchocolate. This is the absolute best dessert I have ever had in my life. AndMark definitely did too.  

The Middle Spoon is one place I definitely recommend, and I do plan ongoing there again. I would go there right this second if I could! Honest!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Until next time,



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