Apple Pie

Welcome to Day 2 of Vegan Mofo! My apologies to those of you who had this day in the "Mary quits this insane project" pool. Being the notorious quitter that I am the odds were certainly in your favour, but what can I say, I'm feeling ambitious for once in my life.

A month ago, many of you were shocked and appalled to learn that I'd never eaten apple pie in my life. This is the story of my first time (with apple pie).

It's actually not much of a story because I did none of the work at all. Paul made the crust and the filling and ate most of it, actually.

The Joy of Vegan Baking pie crust is seriously magical. When you make it properly, of course. I know my previous interaction with pies is incredibly limited but all the same, there are no words to describe this pie crust. It is probably one of the least healthy things to ever come out of our kitchen, and sure, there are pie recipes out there that don't follow the standard fat content rules when it comes to their crusts. They're just not the same. Usually not even close. And I firmly believe that if you are going to do something wrong, you better at least do it right.

The final stroke of genius - a little bit of rice milk brushed on, followed by a sprinkle of coarse raw cane sugar. We do this to all the pies we make, regardless of the filling.

We were hoping we would have a recipe to share with you all, but the finished product was just a wee bit too watery (okay, a lot bit too watery) to deserve your kitchen attention. We're going to work on it and post it at a later date, hopefully. In the meantime, Vegan Pie in the Sky comes out this month and I'm sure there will be at least one (probably five) apple pie recipes to try in there!

Fall always makes me feel so retro.

Disclaimer: I did not eat this giant piece of pie and soy ice cream. He with the Metabolism of a 15-Year-Old Boy did, though.


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