Web site for ioftheneedle - revisited

Thanks heavens I didn't go down the iweb route.  That is being discontinued with no replacement.  Thank you... v. much Apple.
So what else is there out there for a web developer newbie...
Saw  Susan Sorrells simple and lovely looking website....  powered by wix... but that works in Flash which wont load on some mobile devices... iphone/ipad unless I develop a mobile version of my website too.  What about Realweaver then?  Well, as a beginner I would probably work it more like a blog using their own themes... and that might cause some problems later if I discover I want it to do something and the theme I chose doesn't allow for such modifications.
Hmmm... is this a case of a little knowledge is a dangerous thing?  It is certainly out of my comfort zone.  But I am the sort to rise to a challenge.
Better get some more knowledge... Spent a happy hour in the library reading about Dreamweaver... or was it dreaming about Reed-Weaving...
Do I really want to spend precious arty time learning about web development when I could be weaving reeds.
As they say in Lancashire "Think on."

Off to ACAD this morning to discuss possibilities for future collaboration to bring in more visiting artists... Here's to wishing and dream-weaving.


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