Smoky Tofurky Sausage Beer Chili with Quinoa

Mother Nature is really not messing around this year. She just keeps flipping these arbitrary switches and catapulting us from season to season in lieu of her more friendly gradual transitions. My joints are not pleased with her but at least with this particular transition my soul is.

I love fall so incredibly much. I love sweaters and scarves and the smell of squash roasting. I love opening all the windows in the house without being choked by humidity and I really love wearing my fuzzy slippers to stay warm. So bring it, Mother Nature. Let's do this.

Not only is it the first truly chilly post-summer-vacation day, it's also the first day of school for all the kids, big and small, here in Ontario. While I'm sure I was a minority, I was always one of those dorky kids that loved going back to school, from grade school to grad school. Now that I don't have the intoxicating smell of crisp notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils to get me in the fall spirit, I find myself marking the season in the kitchen more often than anywhere else.

And for me, the best place to start creating a sense of fall is in a bowl of chili.

There are about a million ways to make chili. And for the most part they're all good. This one has a special little secret ingredient, though, so I think it's worth noting.

First Show Me Vegan told me to put beer in my tacos. Now I've been instructed to put beer in my chili too. I love this!

You start by browning some crumbled vegan sausage (I like Tofurky brand best).

You add your beans, veggies, chili powder and liquid smoke...

...and also the beer of your choice!

Full recipe found here and it can easily be adapted to a crockpot if you so desire. If you hurry you might just be able to get it on the table tonight!


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