KW Raw Food Group Meet-Up at Marbles, Waterloo

I don't have all that much time to blog this morning, but I wanted to share some pictures from last night's KW Raw Food Group Meet-Up at Marbles Restaurant in Waterloo! I blogged about Marbles a couple months ago and I'm happy to report that they are still offering raw items on their regular menu and you can get them anytime. Last night, however, they made up a special menu for our group of 20 or so raw food enthusiasts!

I apologize for the poor quality photos. I don't have a fancy camera and even if I did I would not know how to use it. Lucky for me, the food is pretty enough on its own that my crappy photography skills are rendered irrelevant.

Here is a little bit of the food we sampled:

Famous Pad Thai
From the menu: Asian style local veggies in a ginger almond butter sauce, abundance of fresh herbs, cashews, shredded coconut and ripe mango.

Sweet Beet Ravioli
From the menu: Paper thin slices of sweet red beets, with cashew cheese filling, fresh tarragon, raw pistachios and drizzled yellow pepper puree.

Pure Raspberry Cheesecake

Mega Mango Cheesecake

Midnight Chocolate Mousse

If I had to pick two favourites, I think it would have to be the sweet beet ravioli (which I really really hope they will put on their regular menu!) and the chocolate mousse, which is funny because I am not typically one for super rich chocolate desserts. I scraped that glass so clean they probably didn't even need to wash it.

As I did last time, I will again stress that if you are vegan, be sure to ask your server which options are honey-free. Last night there was some concern about honey in the desserts, but our server assured us that the chef used agave because of the varied diets/allergies present. They are very friendly and helpful at Marbles and I know they will assist you in finding something that you can not only eat, but that you will enjoy every bite of.

Our Kitchener-Waterloo Raw Meet-Up Group meets once a month or so. You can find details on our next event here!

Thank you to Marbles for hosting, to Sasha of Blyssful Health for organizing and to all who came out for the great company and conversation!

Marbles Restaurant
8 William Street East
Waterloo, ON N2J 1K9
(519) 885-4390


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