I came across  "Bluntcard" today which is basically  a site where you can send ecards to your friends and family.  They are all 50's style and some are outrageously funny.  Unfortunately a lot of the cards contain totally inappropriate language so I don't suggest that you go to the site unless that kind of language doesn't bother you at all.   As I perused the cards I found some that I could instantly think of the perfect recipients to send them to.

This one for instance made me think of Daniel.  He's really not that conceited but he likes to dress nicely and he often gets compliments on his attire.

Matthew and Nathan once set off fireworks at an outdoor party we had for Daniel and Olivia.  They went awry.  You can read that post here.

This could actually apply to a few of my friends so I won't call anyone in particular out.

I know a guy who takes every opportunity he can to humiliate his wife on Facebook.  Recently, she has succeeded in retaliating.  Mandy, I think you should send this one to Matt.

Sorry Lisa and Cora, I am totally calling you out on this one.  Don't feel bad, I am confessing to being just as guilty to this sort of behavior.  There are a few more of you out there. You know who you are. 

And finally.....

How great IS it to have a friend as wonderful  as me?  Lisa?  Cora?


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