HDPMC: Ice and Fire Campout 2011

The weekend of August 27th I was extremely happy to resurrect the Holiday Dinner Party of the Month Club. I had to come up with a new August holiday because, before I went veg, it was a sushi dinner. After much thought and conversation with friends I decided to go with something very important and meaningful. Games of Thrones.

The First Annual Ice and Fire Campout took place at my manfriend's mom's house which is in the country without being in the deep woods, which isn't really my thing. The plan was to eat lots of delicious things cooked over open flame, and then to cool off with various water related activities: a home-made slip n' slide, water balloon fight, etc. We only got around to following through on half of the plan, however, but that's what happens when you arrive in the late afternoon on a Saturday and wake up to a somewhat chilly Sunday. We ate like Dothraki lords, though, which is the most important goal to accomplish.

Ice and Fire Campout: Dothraki Horselord Dinner Menu
Grill-steamed potatoes, white and green asparagus, zucchini, and green onions (below, top right)
Seitan and roasted vegetable kebabs (below, top and bottom left)
Summer salad of greens, roasted peaches, strawberries, and pistachios (below, bottom right)

The recipes for the grill-steamed vegetables and the summer salad are below. I made my own seitan but, it was not my own recipe. I used Isa Chanda-Moskowitz's, which can be found right here =) I will be posting a few seitan variations at some point because I like different flavours in my protein sources.

Assembling the kebabs was super easy. We used yellow, red, and purple bell peppers (! I know, awesome !), cherry tomatoes (exploding with juicy deliciousness when grilled), red onions (a must), and mushrooms (because I can't live without my fungus). Oh, and the seitan, obviously. When I made it, I made one batch as meatball type things but, I went for a log that was sliced after it was cooked for the second batch. The log option worked much, much better because it seemed to hold together more tightly than the balls. And of course I soaked the sticks before we made the kebabs. If you're using wooden sticks and don't want your dinner to combust, you've gotta soak 'em.

Grill-Steamed Vegetables
Makes one pouch, multiply ingredients by number of servings desired

2 small or 1 medium red skinned potato, parboiled and cubed
4 stalks each white and green asparagus, cut into 1" pieces
1/2 smallish zucchini, sliced into 1/2 inch half moons
1/4 cup chopped green onion
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp dried rosemary (1 tbsp fresh)
1 tsp celery seed
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat a BBQ* to 400 degrees. On the center of a square of tinfoil (roughly 10X10 inches), place all of the cut vegetables. Drizzle with olive oil and season. Cover with a second similarly sized sheet of tinfoil and seal the edges by folding both sheets together. Grill for 10 minutes. Eat.

* I feel like this would also work in an oven. Someone try and let me know.

Summer Salad
Serves 4

1 peach, sliced
5 large strawberries, sliced
5 dried figs, sliced
1/2 cup pistachios
4-5 handfuls spinach or mixed baby greens
Balsamic vinaigrette

Grill the peaches until they begin to release some juices and caramelize, roughly 5 minutes*. In a salad bowl toss the greens with as much vinaigrette as you like on your salad**. Place peaches, strawberries, figs, and pistachios a top the greens in a pleasing manner and serve.

*We use a grill pan. I recommend you do, too... unless you don't mind sacrificing peaches to the bottom of the BBQ, that is.
**I, for example, like none to very little. Your other option is always to let everyone dress their own.

Lunch the day after our backyard campout was extra simple - grilled corn on the cob. It was farm fresh and so extra awesome. I love corn on the cob on the BBQ, the added smokiness is to die for. You, too can grill your own corn. 1) buy corn and do not husk, 2) place on hot grill for half an hour with the top down, 3) eat and enjoy.

And then we played croquet. I lost, both times.

[There were also s'mores. However, they were so awesome they deserve their own post so, you'll have to wait to gaze upon their glory. (Probably just until tomorrow.)]


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