Végépâté, The Spread of Champions

Years ago when I still ate meat, I discovered cretons during a visit to my Aunt’s house in Quebec. It was something I missed when I went vegetarian and subsequently vegan. I spent a week in Montreal this past June.  (I go every year for the Mondial de la Bière and to spend time with my family.) During this trip I finally found something to replace cretons at the breakfast table – végépâté. It’s like spreading stuffing all over your toast, a most delicious morning meal, I assure you. I also really love using it as the protein in a sandwich along with tomato, sprouts/greens, and onions.

Fontaine Santé is my favourite store bought brand, (you can make your own, something I plan to try this summer). Their végépâté is available in two flavours – Traditional and Country Style. I prefer the traditional to the country style as the spices seem to come through more strongly. That being said, the country style is still really amazing.

As a company, Fontaine Santé stands for some really great things. From their website:
Committed, since 1990, to offering its customers top-quality, varied, fresh and nutritious products, Fontaine Santé Foods Inc. is setting the standard in the ready-to-eat market. How? Because each ingredient that goes into our products is carefully selected for its nutritional qualities and taste.
Fontaine Santé Foods is not about mass producing and shipping goods to store shelves. It’s about tempting consumers’ taste buds with traditional recipes that are as good as home-made.
In keeping with our mission, Fontaine Santé Foods leaves nothing to chance. Our research and development team works tirelessly to improve product quality and variety and to ensure optimal freshness, without the use of preservatives, chemical additives or monosodium glutamate (MSG).

I’m still not really sure where to find végépâté in Toronto, or if I can at all. Thankfully my mother will be visiting my Aunt next week and will bring me back a package or 12.


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