EDIT:  More Pics Added!

So on Saturday I ventured out to create something I've never created before: Sushi!  And boy was it yum.  Words cannot express the yum-ness of sushi.  :-)

First off, I didn't have a bamboo mat to roll with.  Couldn't find one at the time.  Aaand... I forgot to take pictures of the rolling process.  But it was fine without the mat, you can trust me.  :-)

What you'll need:
  • Nori (sheets of seaweed for the outside)

  • Sushi rice

 Possible insides:
  • Crab or artificial crab

  • Thin strips of cucumber

  • Egg

  • Cream cheese (bizarre, but yum!)

  • Soy sauce

  • Mayonaise

  • Carrot

  • Sprouts

  • Tuna

  • Avocado

  • ...or really whatever you want. :-)

Dippy things:
  • Mayo mixed with Sriracha (or any other hot sauce, I think?)

  • Soy sauce

  • Wasabi

  • Soy sauce mixed with Wasabi

Note that you want the whole piece of nori... this is just half, and I had to fix that.

First off, cook up your sushi rice according to the directions.  You want it nice and sticky, but cooked through well.  Lay out your ingredients and slice up any veggies, eggs, and the like, that might be going inside.

LJ?  I miss you.  Your old shirt misses you too.

When the rice is ready, plop some on your waiting nori, and wet a spoon with water to spread it thinly across the nori.  You'll have to keep wetting the back of the spoon if you don't want the rice to just stick to it.  leave a centimeter or so of open nori at the far edge

When the rice is sufficiently thin (this was where I think I would change something, my rice was a little over the top), lay a long line of fillings, but not too much or it will overflow!

Then carefully roll up the sushi, sticking the roll together with the free end of the nori.  Then slice it up with a bread knife or equally sharp and possibly serrated knife. 

Yum yum.  Never mind the fall-apart-y ones, t'was my first time.  :-)

And of course, it would be really sad if you didn't have some pickled pink ginger to go with it.  Because it's incredibly tasty with sushi.  Yum.

Hopefully I haven't scared you off, it's really rather easy.   See?



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