Spicy Tofu Triangles on a Cool Bed of Lettuce

I've got a memory card full of pictures of food I've made over the course of this summer that I just haven't gotten around to blogging about. Not because they didn't work out or because I didn't want to share them. Most of the recipes were spectacular and have become regulars in our recipe roster. The reason they haven't been posted yet is just because I haven't had the time to. This summer has presented some serious challenges and admittedly, the majority of my non-work-related attention has gone to helping my dog get healthy.

This is just one of the new recipes that we tried this summer that I wish I had the time to give more attention to here on the blog. But that's part of the real glory of this recipe - it's unassuming, unfancy and uncomplicated. Can be made in a frying pan or on the grill, courtesy of Vegan Express, a cookbook I've given away twice here at TIV and one that I really believe is essential hardware for busy vegans.

I served it on top of some crisp romaine, fresh from the farmer's market. The dressing was a raw ranch, which I've blogged about before and which currently graces the August header for This is Vegan. Yum!

No digi copy of this one, kids, so off to Amazon you go!


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