Kindfood, Burlington

My birthday is in two weeks and all I want is a painted stairwell and a new bookshelf to put in it. How old am I?!

I was off work yesterday, so we went to the nearest Ikea in search of said bookshelf. The nearest Ikea is in Burlington, so after finding the bookshelf and putting some serious Tetris skills to work in an attempt to fit in into my little car, we drove a few streets over to Kindfood.

I knew I'd like the place the second I walked into it - it features my favourite colour scheme of pink and green. The walls are covered with thought-provoking messages about living compassionately and the floor features "Famous Vegan" facts that you can catch up on while you're waiting to get to the front of the line.

One of my personal favourite Famous Vegans!

The restaurant was featured on a local morning television program yesterday so we picked quite a busy day to stop by - it didn't phase the staff, though, because the food was delicious and everyone we interacted with was so friendly and enthusiastic, helping us choose between the many amazing options listed on their menu.

I got the OMG Grilled Cheeze!

From the menu: Oozing with Daiya cheese, vegan chipotle mayo and organic ketchup

Paul got the KIND Burger

From the menu: Grilled Tempeh burger with Daiya cheese, sliced tomato and romaine, with home-made

vegan mayo and served on multi-seed sourdough bread
. He also added on avocado slices and bac'n bits!

For dessert we got Ice Cream Sandwiches! Perfect for following up a patio lunch on a hot and sticky day.

Everything was amazing! After our trip to L.A. and the tragic realization that we will probably never eat like that again (or at the very least, for a very, very long time), we are so relieved that Kindfood is only about an hour or so away from our front door.

A friend offered us a really great tip about bringing a cooler along with us. Kindfood has a little mini-market as well as tons of freshly-baked goods that you will want to sample but physically can't immediately following your lunch (well, you can, but in doing so you run the risk of popping a button or two and having to drive home in your underwear).

These are the goodies we brought home:

Cookie Sandwich!

Dulce de Leche cupcake (which got a bit mangled in the cooler, but survived!)


399 John St.

Burlington, Ontario

(905) 637-2700


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