Ahoy, Matey!

I love theme parties. It doesn't matter what the theme actually is, just that there is one, and that I get to wear a strange outfit and bake themed desserts. In the last few years we've hosted or been to a wide variety of theme parties. 70s, Luau, Funny Hat, Country, Ugly Xmas - the list goes on and on and in many instances gets repeated. One that we hadn't ever been to before this weekend, however, was a Sailor Party!

Although I didn't think it was possible, there is actually someone out there that loves theme parties more than I do. We call her Samcha, and she celebrated her 25th birthday with a nautical backyard celebration last weekend.

Once I got the invitation I began my quest for on-theme cookie cutters. In the process I stumbled upon The Cookie Cutter Shop, your online source for pretty much any kind of cookie cutter you want. Meaning that I will never have to do without on-theme cookie cutters again!

I bought the sailboat cutter you see above, as well an an anchor cutter that was infuriatingly uncooperative. Parts of it were just too thin to handle the transition between cutting the dough and transfering it to the cookie sheet. Maybe if I had decided to bake these guys during a reasonable hour and not during a 4am bought of insomnia I would have had more patience. All the same, the sailboats turned out pretty cool, I think, although I really need to work on my icing-based motor skills (which are pretty much currently non-existent).

I used the same sugar cookie recipe that I always use (for Halloween and Christmas, mostly), found in Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar (icing too). I also did just a round of basic chocolate cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, topped with fluffy vanilla buttercream with a hint of blue in it, in an attempt to make it look like water for the lil boats.

Me, the clumsiest person on the planet, attempting to transport iced desserts across town on one of the the most hazy and humid nights we've had all summer.

Sailor Paul & Sailor Mary (it appears that the sweets survived the humidity but my obscenely-curly-but-flatironed hair did not!)

Birthday girl shark attack!

Happy Birthday, Sam! xo


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