Restaurant Review: The Hogtown Vegan, Toronto - Part Two

This past weekend, I took a second trip to THV. I just couldn't stay away.

I happen to really love po' boys, and have made them myself on quite a few occasions. More than any other menu item, THV's po' boys (above) - 'battered TVP chunks topped w/ shredded lettuce, sweet onion relish and horseradish mayo on a soft bun - $10' - had a lot to live up to. Overall, I really enjoyed it. The relish and mayo balanced each other well, and the bun was indeed soft. The frying on the TVP chunks was well done. My only criticism would be that the tvp chunks do not possess the freshness and crisp, juicy pop I've come to expect from a po' boy.

My bestie was with me and she ordered the Jack 'n Slaw - 'shredded jackfruit simmered in our chipotle molasses BBQ sauce topped w/ creamy coleslaw on a soft bun - $11'. I only had one bite but, it was better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. The BFF felt pretty much the same way, suggesting an alternate name for the sandwich could have been the Pulled Unpork.

In my original post I forgot to mention the sides. 'All sandwiches/burgers come w/ a choice of fresh-cut fries, sauteed garlic collard greens or caesar salad'. Being a garlic lover, I ordered the greens both times. They were wonderful both times. The fries were thin and crisp. The salad was fresh and what you expect from a caesar.

Having been to the Hogtown Vegan a second time, I am only more convinced of my verdict: highly recommended. Don't wait, go now.


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