Potato & Kale Enchiladas w/ Homemade Enchilada Sauce

Pretty much the last thing on earth that I need is another enchilada recipe. We're at the point where we eat enchiladas every few days, the only thing differing week to week is the filling. And yet every time I come across an enchilada recipe - ANY enchilada recipe - I save it in my "to be tested" file. And they pretty much always pass the test, meaning I have about forty billion enchilada recipes saved in my recipe keeper that I keep rotating.

This is the latest one to make the cut and the recipe is from Veganomicon but you can also find it here.

My only complaint is that it is a little time consuming and I suck at rolling enchiladas, especially since I can't find large corn tortillas that don't have an ingredient list that you need to be a chemist to understand. I can't fault the recipe itself for that though.

You start by making your own enchilada chile sauce, which is pretty cool since I'm known to rely on the canned variety for those other forty billion enchilada recipes I spoke of earlier. I didn't have any green chiles, though, so I had to use jalapenos which I'm sure brings the authenticity of my take on this recipe into question but jalapenos are much more accessible in my neighbourhood and it tasted great, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

After the sauce has been sufficiently cooked it takes a trip to the food processor and suddenly looks much more like those canned ench sauces we know and love.

Next comes the filling: boiled potatoes and steamed kale and garlic. You'll notice some potato skins there, even though the recipe wants you to peel the potatoes. I haven't peeled a yellow potato in years - to me it's kind of a waste of time and nutrients - so I mashed them up skins and all and I don't think it hindered the enchiladas deliciousness at all.

Once the veggies are sufficiently cooked, in goes the lime juice, veggie stock and the pepitas (pumpkin seeds)!

Here is where things get a bit sketchy for the patience-challenged like myself. The only corn tortillas I buy are those made by Food for Life. Made of whole kernel corn (unlike those other corn tortillas) their only drawback is that they only come in the 6" and enchiladas are much easier to make with 12" tortillas. Maybe there is someone local that makes whole kernel corn tortillas that I don't know about yet, but until then I have to make my peace with these little guys.

First, you warm the tortilla up so that its nice and bendable, then you smother it in the enchilada sauce and then you fill it with the potato-kale mixture.

I have this problem where I over-fill to the point of sufficient breakage and hole-age, making the dinner presentation a very messy affair.

They look alright though, all things considering.

I had a ton of leftover filling and I refuse to waste perfectly good kale - so I just poured it over top of the rolled enchiladas and then topped them off with the remaining enchilada sauce.

Like all great things, this recipe requires work and isn't something I'd really attempt on a busy weeknight, however it's almost more flavourful as leftovers so you can feel free to make it in advance and then toss it back in the oven to warm through, just before dinner.


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