No Bake Banana-Mango Tarts (and a raw vegan picnic in the park!)

We are experiencing a drought that is starting to feel a bit too biblical for my comfort. It's been so hot that I've even resorted to putting our central air on, which believe me, I never do. I can think of about a million other things I'd rather spend money on than a bloated hydro bill.

Honestly, we just turned it on for our little dog, who is exceptionally furry and spent a considerable amount of her time flopping around on the floor uncomfortably, looking at us with her sad eyes until we finally gave in.

Since it is so hot and dry and since my AC is pumping and my bank account is draining, I'm trying to not add any additional heat to the mix via the oven. At least until temps start to cool down a bit. Which means it is the perfect time to experiment with raw recipes!

It was particularly convenient that the July event for the KW Raw Food Meet-Up Group was a picnic-style potluck because I'm trying to not eat sweets right now and this way I could sample some while giving the rest away.

The event took place this past Sunday at Victoria Park in Kitchener. It was a blisteringly hot day, but our fearless organizers Sasha of Blyssful Health and Michelle secured us some picnic tables in the shade and all of the attendees made sure we had plenty of refreshingly raw foods to snack on.

I made a raw caesar salad (a tried and true Eat, Drink and Be Vegan recipe that I've used for years) as well as the tarts pictured above for dessert.

Now, I've never attempted any sort of raw dessert in my life. I've barely even made anything raw, and when I have it's been a simple salad dressing or a dip or something. I've never tried making a dessert that in unbaked and needs to - at least slightly - hold together in extreme temperatures.

I was scared, but I wanted to try. So I turned to one of my favourite blogs and a really awesome resource on the versatility of the raw vegan lifestyle: Addicted to Veggies and looked for the simplest dessert recipe she had.

This was it!

Because it was a potluck with many dessert options, I made the tarts sample size rather than full size. While pretty much anything melts in these temperatures, the tarts held their taste well. Thanks to AtV for helping me get over my fear of raw dessert preparation. The summer is young and I can't wait to try more of Sarah Fae's recipes.

And here are some photos of the other raw dishes we got to sample at the picnic. I tried to get pictures of everything but then I became preoccupied with consuming as much as my body would allow and I lost all track of what I was doing. Here's what I did get!

Raw falafels

Broccoli Mash

Gravy for the mash

Cabbage roll-ups

My massive plate of goodies! You can see raw tostatas there that I didn't get a shot of individually - so yum!

Power cookie balls!

Carrot cake

Deliciously rich raw chocolate cake

If you are in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and are interested in eating delicious food, consider our meet-up group! This is my second event and my second time leaving feeling inspired and rejuvinated with regard to my vegan journey. Group members reflect a variety of diets and it is the perfect place to learn more about a whole-foods, plant-based diet via great food and great conversation.


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