Ah, we had such a lovely weekend!

Friday, after morning chores, we headed out to our favourite local B&B Twin Wheels Farm.  Joe and Carol have such a great place.  We rent the two bedroom cabin.  Each room has 2 queen beds, so it would actually sleep a lot more.  Ella came out for a few days too.  That was fun.  The B&B is only an hour from home so Ella didn't have time to start her 'are we there yet'  :)

  Joe offers trail rides and we were in luck that they had a small saddle for Ella.  The stirrups weren't quite right -I kidded Ella that she was riding like Momma does most of the time, just my toes in the stirrups.    Carol got a cute little pony all ready for Ella soon after we arrived and walked Ella around the property.  She even went for a short 'jog'.  Ella was doing her best cowboy impression and lassoing the dogs.

Most of our time was spent at the private lake.  Ella and Daddy made the 'biggest and best sandcastle ever'.   Daddy did a bit of swimming but Ella found the lake a little overwhelming and Momma found it cold (I was too hot).

We went to Killaloe for the amazing fireworks display.  I don't know how such a small hamlet puts on such a great pyrotechnic display!  Ella tried hard but fell asleep on the way home.  When we got to the cabin she woke up, but went right back to sleep.

Grandma came out late Saturday afternoon and picked up Ella so Momma and Daddy could have some alone time.  Sunday we spent a lot of the day fishing (except the hot part where we hid in the cabin and relaxed).  My first catch was a clam -with a hook and worm -that's what I call talent  :)

Daddy was the first to catch a real fish.  The first pike escaped as Colin was bringing it into the boat.  He also caught a nice little small mouth bass.  This is the second pike he caught.

I also caught a small bass, but then I caught this...
This is one nice looking pike.  I've never caught anything like this before.  Growing up mostly we caught rock bass.  This pike put up quite a fight!  We always catch and release, I like my fish battered and deep-fried  :)  There were so many fish jumping this weekend.  It seemed every time we moved to another part of the lake, the fish started jumping in the spot we just left.

Joe built this pergola and it's over at the cabin.  It is such a beautiful place to spend time.

Not sure if you can tell in this picture, but this is my new dress that I was working on after my machine got fixed.  I really like this style dress.

We came home Monday.  We didn't want to leave.  In fact, we hope to go out again in August.  Colin's best friend is having his 5th anniversary and his wife is trying to arrange for a vacation down this way.  I hope she can work it out, they are in London and we don't get to see them much.


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