White Pizza with Sweet Potato and Caramelized Onions

"Pizza. Great equalizer. Rich people love pizza, poor people love pizza, white people love pizza, black people love pizza." - Michael Scott.

Of course he's talking about non-vegan pizza but I think the quote still translates. Pretty much everyone that was born in North America will at least tolerate the notion of a slice of a pizza for dinner, even if we don't agree on the toppings.

And there will be no tolerating this pizza. There will be the clobbering of each other's faces in an effort to secure the last piece.

You start with a big ol' pile of onions.

Which are then caramelized. When you are salivating over the pan, they are pretty much ready. You then toss in some portobello mushroom and garlic....

.....at which point it smells so good that you consider it, and decide that should the need arise, you would lay down your life for these onions and mushrooms.

Meanwhile, you prepare the white sauce, a simple silken tofu mixture, and spread it over your rolled out pizza dough.

On goes the blessed onion-mushroom mixture.

And then the sweet potato slices that you have baked a little bit to soften them up. (Note: the recipe calls for baking the sweet potato fully and then tossing it on to the finished pizza. I got distracted and apparently didn't read the entire recipe through - something I never do, I assure you - so what I did was bake them a little bit while I was preparing the other stuff and then put them on top of the pizza before baking it to get them to their desired soft texture. This worked fine too).

So good, you don't even know!

I can't miss an opportunity to show off the amazing pizza scissors I got for Christmas. If you are any type of pizza enthusiast at all, you NEED these scissors. You will never lose toppings in a pizza-cutter catastrophe again.

If you haven't picked up Nava Atlas' Vegan Express yet I'm not quite sure what is wrong with you, but nonetheless you can find this particular recipe on the Humane Society website, here!


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