Mexican Orzo Salad

Summer officially made its entrance around 1pm this afternoon, although I have to admit I have been living the summer life - with its visits to the lake and dinners on the patio - for a couple weeks already. Anytime the temperature exceeds 10C, you are hard pressed to keep Canadians indoors.

Earlier this month I headed up north the beautiful Lake of Bays area of the Muskokas for an Annual Girls' Weekend. This is the third year in a row that I've attended, and it's a weekend I look forward to all year long (particularly while shoveling ten feet of snow off the driveway in January). The women are all really great people, really fun and also very thoughtful and considerate of my vegan diet. Almost too considerate, because I end up coming home weighing five pounds more than when I headed up.

One of the dishes brought up to the cottage this year was this Mexican Orzo Salad, a seriously refreshing take on the typical pasta salad and an absolute must for your summer patio menus.

I liked it so much that I made it just a week later for a Father's Day cookout/pool party and I plan on making it many more times before summer is done with us.

A simple, colourful salad that packs a serious flavour punch from the sheer variety of vegetables and legumes, you can find it here.

My only complaint, and it has nothing to do with the recipe or the salad, is that I couldn't find any whole grain/spelt/anything-other-than-white orzo pasta in KW. To be fair I only had time to check a few stores, but for the love of all things carb-y, let's get some fiber in there. White pasta is a thing of the past(-a)!


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