KW Raw Vegan Meet-Up at Thrive Juice Bar - June 17, 2011

My favourite thing about keeping a blog is hearing from readers. It's really nice to know that there is someone else on the other side of these posts and that I'm not just talking to dead air (although if it was just dead air, it still probably wouldn't stop me - I'm well-versed in talking to myself). While I love hearing from everyone, I get especially giddy when I get an email or comment from fellow Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding area citizens, because the truth is we don't really know any vegans and it can be lonely out here sometimes.

So I was especially excited when some wonderfully interactive readers invited me to attend a K-W Raw Vegan event at Thrive Juice Bar in uptown Waterloo!

I don't know much about raw food, other than the fact that I loved it after thinking I would hate it. So much so that I am desperate to learn more and do more in and around my own kitchen. This was the perfect opportunity to not only meet fellow veg*ns but to learn a bit more about a way of preparing food that can seem daunting to someone as inexperienced in the kitchen as myself. The truth is, though, that there was a time that I was intimidated at the prospect of vegan cooking (there was also a time that I was intimidated by warming up a can of soup but that is neither here nor there), my point being that there is no time like the present to develop a new skill set and incorporate more living foods into my diet.

I tend to have social anxiety when it comes to walking into a room full of strangers but everyone was so kind that I felt I was among old friends. It was so great to talk vegan and KW with some folks from our hometown - thank you to the group for making us newbies feel so welcome! There is something that non-veg*ns take for granted, I think, and that is not being the "outcast" or the "issue" at dinner. Even among the most welcoming people there are times where we vegans feel like we are a hassle or an inconvenience. It's not that someone made me feel this way, it's just something that comes with the territory of not eating the standard diet. And this is why sharing a meal with fellow veg*ns is so rewarding - for once you're not the one sticking out at the dinner table.

Not everyone in this group is raw, or even vegan for that matter, and it is important to note that among them there is no judgement with regard to dietary choices. They are very welcoming to anyone and everyone who recognizes the benefit of incorporating living foods into a diet.

We had a great time at Thrive and this is some of what we ate:


The greatest soup I've had in recent history - raw, coconut, carrot, curry-style.

Pad Thai, which was so massive I'm not sure I'm going to need to eat for the rest of the weekend.

And we can't forget dessert!

The proverbial icing on the raw vegan cake was that Paul won the little raffle draw and got a DVD of "Food Matters"!

Thank you so much Kitchener-Waterloo Raw Food Meet-Up Group for inviting us out and making us feel so welcome. And thank you for your continued support of This is Vegan...we can't wait for the next event!

Thrive Juice Bar
The Bauer Buildings
105 – 191 King Street S,
Waterloo, ON
(519) 208-8808


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