I gave a talk at church today on the subject of fathers.  I asked William and Maia a few questions about their dad and grandpa to use in my talk.  Their answers were pretty entertaining.

What is a dad's most important job?
Maia (2): Giving huggles.
William (4): Sleeping.

What is the best thing daddy does?
William: Plays games with us.
Maia: Colours with us.

Describe your daddy.
William: He likes treats.
Maia: He likes chocolates.
Maia: He's nice.
William: He reads scriptures to us and asks silly questions and mummy says not to say them any more.

What does daddy do for work?
William: Make money.
Maia; He writes questions.   (perhaps the silly ones he asks at scripture time)

What is a grandpa's most important job?
Maia: Golfing with daddy.
William:  He looks after us.

What does Grandpa do best?
Both: Sing songs.  (Singing is not a talent Ian possesses so this one made me laugh out loud.)

Describe Grandpa.
William: He plays with us, he's nice,he gives us treats.
Maia: He gives us apple juice ( a treat as we usually just drink water), he comes to our house and gives us cards.

Happy Father's Day Matthew, Ian, and all you other great dads out there.


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