Beautiful Rhododendron ....

Now if only I knew the name of this magnificent Rhodie that bloomed in our garden a few weeks ago. But I don't. I just thought it looked particularly beautiful with the rain spots on its blushing petals.

I think those of you who come to check out my blog have probably become quite sick of the picture of the nice old lady who invented American Mother's Day. Or maybe you've given up on me. Life is very busy with the Pacific West Quilt Show dates looming large, so hopefully I will have more time for the luxury of blogging more regularly once that's over and done with. I am popping in to visit my favorite reads though!

I hope everyone's having a nice summer! The Pacific Northwest gods are being very miserly with any really nice weather. However, lest I offend, I am grateful for the lush green of our Puget Sound landscape. The seemingly perpectual grey skies - well, it's not polite to whine, is it? Especially about the weather. Even though I am English-born.


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