A Life Post - Wedding Stuff!

So..Mark & I finally decided to plan our wedding. After setting a few dates, and then changing our minds over and over, I decided we should just do it! So after talking about it, our wedding date is August 25th, 2012.

I am literally filled with wedding thoughts and ideas all the time. My foodie inspiration has now come second in my life so I figured I would let everyone in on my super life consuming wedding planning.

I know it's so early to think of much at all, being over a year away and all, but we have a little problem. I am going to school in September until the end of June. I know I wont have much time in between writing papers and doing placements to think about wedding colors and what kind of flowers I want, so I am eagerly planning most of this out before I go to school.

Mark and I are pretty mellow and decided on a very small wedding. Less than 25 guests and no wedding party. I know so many people that think I'm absolutely crazy for not having an extravagant party of a wedding, but I think it's up to us to decide how to spend our money and our time with people who love us.

We are having a beach wedding and hopefully an outdoor reception! (Fingers crossed!) So far I know I want a casual but elegant style. Not too much fussy detailing but pretty and simple. Our wedding will hopefully be in the evening, so we can have pictures taken during sunset.

I love Grecian style gowns or tea-length, simple flow-y dresses. I will probably chose elegant flats or flowery sandals as shoes as of now, but the style could change over the next year depending on trends & such.
As for food, (the most important part, after saying the vows, that is!) will be a BBQ style or pot luck with family bringing in favorite dishes. I will also be contributing of course! And red velvet cupcakes as our wedding cake!

I hope everyone enjoys this wedding post, and let me know if you`d like more life posts!

Until next time, 


Much happier post this week for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.

I can't say I never get help unloading the groceries.  Smokey is always there and happy to help.  He'll even help with the groceries in the backseat.

Have you ever been to Newfoundland?  Mom and I went there in 2000 to do some family tree research.  These rose bushes run wild in Newfoundland.  Wandering around the old cemeteries you can't help but step on roses.  You even have to pull the roses off the stones to read the writing.  Before you call MNR, this rose actually comes from Cape Breton, so I didn't bring any Newfoundland soil to the mainland.  This little rose started as a little stick on the side of the road.  It was so delicate I wasn't even sure it was going to make it home.  Not only has it made it home, but it survived the move and is loving it up here.

This our Real picture from last Friday.  This is our booth at the Petawawa Farmers' Market.  I couldn't believe the water lying around.  Petawawa is basically a giant sandbox.  I figured the water would have soaked right in and been gone.

Any ideas what Grandpa is doing with the front end loader??

He's attempting to fix the way the 'professionals' at Whitewater Region 'fixed' our  side road.  I wonder how many boulders they turned up this time.   I don't know why they insist on just grading our road.  Colin has lived here for 41 years and his folks have been here since 1963.  In all that time Whitewater Region has never put any gravel on Poff Rd!  They just keep coming and digging up the road and dragging the grader around.  In about a week Poff will be back to normal and will be too dangerous to drive more than 40 km, even though side roads are supposed to be 80 km.  If it's been raining, we don't use it at all, unless I'm driving the truck.

The girls over at Like Mother, Like Daughter don't have their post up yet, I'll link up once theirs is ready.

Sorry but won't be at Dufferin.

Beautiful day. 

14 fish...  wait maybe I missed counted....no, I got it right the first time.

Andrew leaves in a grey sweater and comes back green.  How does that happen?

Found this at the bottom of Georgian Bay.  Wonder what it was?

Found algea.  Hope to find the fish one day. 
On Monday night Ian and I attended the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert held in Toronto.  We were asked some time before if we would be willing to be host to a couple of dignitaries attending.  This entailed entertaining them at the reception held before the concert, making sure they received a complimentary cd, helping them to their seats, and just making sure they enjoyed the evening.  Ian and I were to be hosts to Vivienne Poy and Jean Augustine along with their guests.  Both women were absolutely delightful to spend time with and we thoroughly enjoyed the few hours we accompanied them.  The concert was amazing and after one particularly rousing number I rose to my feet, cupped my hands to my mouth and shouted "woo hoo!". I was not the only one in the audience to do so but I was the only one in our company.  Oops.   Not thinking, I did it at the end of the concert as well, proof that you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl.  I wonder if we will  be asked to host again.
I have a new project to share this week for Ginny's Yarn Along.  I know what you are thinking, Paula really doesn't need a new project.  But next week I'll share with you the reason why I needed to start this project.

This is a really cool version of an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern (big surprise I know).  It's a blanket made from the centre out and with short row corners.  I really love the way it is knitting.  I could see making a lot of these  :)  And yes, those balls are the same colour/dye lot.  They were just wound from different spots in the colour pattern.  If I was using these for socks I would have picked two balls that looked more matched.  But for this pattern it doesn't matter.

I'm reading a sewing book, Sewing Clothes Kids Love: Sewing Patterns and Instructions for Boys' and Girls' Outfits"".   Ella would absolutely love anything in this book.  It also shows how I'm not creative.  A creative person would look at a book like this and think of all the wonderful things they could make.  I look at it and see pictures to copy and wonder how I will ever find material like the picture.

Monday Pictures....

First Rose Blooming....  Andrew found and planted this rose for me after the first market we did this spring. 

Nets we just finished cleaning today.  Ready to hit the water hopefully tomorrow.

One dirty net being replace by one of the cleaned ones

Second dirty net being replaced

Third and last net being rotated out
These three dirty nets need to have the pressure washer used to clean them.  The three clean nets were stretched and cleaned yesterday and today but it was a job and a half.  Now we are just keeping an eye on the weather reports.  Winds are suppose to pick up tonight and tomorrow but we have to wait and see.

We just deliveried some of our smoked fish and whitefish to Rocky Raccoon's Cafe in Sauble Beach.  He is trying a few new things with the fish and some of the response has been pretty positive.  He hopes to offer our fish in a display cooler eventually so that his customers can take home a piece of smoked or fresh home to experiment and enjoy the fish the way they want.  Good idea we think.  Rocky Raccoon's Cafe is the boat shaped restaurant if you make it up to Sauble over the summer season....

AKA (almost known as) SHAGGY DOG

Proof that Nathan was a dream child.  He let me dress him in this without complaint.

We thought we'd let our 4 kids have a hand in naming the latest addition to our family.  They decided if the baby was a boy he should be called Shaggy Dog.  We nixed that idea but the boys got their revenge and called him Nate Dog as a teenager. 

He was a dream child from day one.
  • one hour total labour. That's right, one hour only.  Every mom should be that lucky.
  • slept through the night at six weeks. Pure heaven when you have four other kids to deal with all day.
  • rarely cried. Not even when his brothers inflicted pain that would have made even their eyes water.
  • was always singing or whistling.  I was a bit worried when all he would sing was Backstreet Boys songs but he outgrew it. Phew!
  • kind hearted.  He once offered his sister his ice cream cone when hers fell on the ground without any hesitation.
  • happy disposition.  Not much gets that boy down.
  • made friends easily. When he enrolled in a new school he told me he wouldn't talk to anyone for three days, he had a new best friend by lunch time.

That little dream child could also be a bit of a nightmare just so you don't think he was totally perfect.
  • ate poop out of the toilet thanks to an older brother who didn't bother to flush or put the lid down
  • stole cheese from the fridge all the time.  I was forever finding little bite marks on the cheese block.
  • flushed toys and toothbrushes down the toilet. I can now remove a toilet seat and reassemble it in no time now, a skill that has proven handy.
  • had a party at the house once when we were out. The only one of our kids to ever do this and get caught.  Don't think I am fooled you guys, I know there were other parties... Brittany....
I can't believe my baby is twenty three today.  Where did the time go?  That sweet, sweet boy is now a man I'm still wrapping my head around that one all married and grown up.  It won't be too long until he's a parent himself this is not an announcement although I wish it was.  When the time does come, he will be a great dad.  His nieces and nephews adore him and it's no wonder to me. 

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Don't worry Emily, those teeth have been brushed thousands of times since the "poop" incident.

On Friday we celebrated five amazing/wonderful/slightly insane years of marriage by stuffing our faces with fried foods.

And before you judge me for it, know that I tried to do the right thing. I swear to God I tried. We had a reservation for a restaurant that does raw vegan and we were going to order the healthiest thing possible. And then three hours before we were to head out there they called saying they had to close the restaurant early that day, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Sometimes, the universe just wants you to have fried chick'n balls. Sometimes.

It's kind of a bugger actually because I've been doing really, really well. Veganism has always been great to me and nearly three years ago when I finally took the plunge my body went through an amazing detox. I lost well over fifteen pounds without doing a single thing other than cutting out dairy (I had cut out meat about a year before). I was also 24 years old and while the difference between 24 and 27 doesn't seem all that great, the metabolism begs to differ. I am no longer at the point where I can consume anything "as long as it's vegan" and not gain, or even maintain, a certain weight. The universe is designed in this particularly cruel way in which it dangles buttercream cupcakes in front of you and then demands that you not eat them. And I've eaten a lot of cupcakes over the last year. And cookies. And deep fried tofu-ish entities.

About a month ago I came to the conclusion that it was time to take my health and wellness more seriously and so I embarked on a cardio challenge as well as cut out all the less-than-healthy treats. I'm down four pounds and feel really awesome. Aside from my personal vanity and the weight I still have to lose, I know that how I feel right this instant is how vegan is supposed to feel and it's easy to forget that now that vegan convenience foods have mass market availability.

In this Project: Get Fit of mine I'm focusing more on the fitness end than the diet end because I tend to think I eat pretty darn well for the most part. And since I have been busting my butt so much on my daily runs, I figured that celebrating five years of wedded bliss at one of our favourite restaurants was not going to kill me (plus I doubled my workout the morning of - that's got to count for something, right?).

At Zen Gardens, we always get the exact same thing. Everytime we go. Because it's so good and I'm always so scared I'm going to be disappointed by trying something new. However, since our visit there was a bit of a surprise this time around I figured I'd better try something different so that I could at least blog about it for those you guys that haven't had a chance to get out there and subsequently blame the blog rather than my own lack of self-control for any scale-related backlash that results.

Of course, those of you who follow me on Twitter already know that we started out with an order of their famous chick'n balls because for God's sake we are only human and there is only so much compromise I can take. But here is what else we got:

Veggie Squid (aka vegan calamari) which is something I never consumed as a carnist but quite enjoyed as a vegan!

Curry Vermicelli
From the menu: Lightly fried rice noodles done Singapore style with seitan, bean-curd, bell peppers, and an assortment of vegetables in a spicy curry sauce.

Kung Po Soy Fritters
From the menu: A traditional Chinese chicken dish. This vegetarian version combines soy protein with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, celery, bell peppers, vegetables, and chillies

Everything was so amazing, as it always is at Zen, but I think the Kung Po takes the prize for best selection of the night. I'm fairly certain it's going to be added to our already lengthy list of "Zen Regulars" and if you can't eat it all in the restaurant I can promise you that it tastes even better the next day. Plus, if you find yourself needing a doggy bag, you get one of these adorable little takeout boxes!

The one thing that we didn't get at Zen that we were looking forward to at the other restaurant was dessert. And we were fine with that. But then yesterday afternoon we found ourselves wandering the aisles of Healthy Foods & More in Waterloo when the bakery called out to us on some subconscious level. I didn't think anything of sauntering through it because the last time I was at the store (months and months ago - we live on the other end of town and rarely get out that way) they didn't really have anything fresh-baked vegan. That I can recall, anyway.

Except now, the entire bakery display case is pretty much vegan. Vegan cupcakes and a black forest cake and a bunch of raw cheesecakes and raw fudge and the mother of all vegan desserts, the Sweets from the Earth carrot cake that I developed an unhealthy obsession with last year at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair. And on top of all that there were shelves full of vegan muffins and cookies and whatnot, packaged up and ready to be taken home.

We said a collective "Uh-Oh" and then determined that we had to buy something. I have this thing where if a store/business does something vegan I feel it is my duty to support it both financially and via the blog so that the vegan market is recognized as legitimate and profitable and subsequently more interests will be piqued. It is this self-determined "duty" of mine that has put me in the position of needing to drop a few pounds in the first place but nonetheless, we totally bought some desserts.

Paul had the S'mores Cupcake

And I had the Raw Macaroon

We are so gluttonous we couldn't even wait to get home, we ate the freaking things in the car in front of the store. Can you tell we've been a bit sugar deprived as of late?

And so that is that, we celebrated our anniversary and our marriage with delicious food (and a bit too much wine, even for us - but since our first anniversary the tradition has always been to watch our wedding DVD over some drinks - who am I to argue with tradition?). Now it is back to the business of smaller portions and really long and painful runs up and down hills. God, I hate hills.

Love you PK, xo.

Zen Gardens
65 Water St. N
Cambridge, Ontario N1R 3B4
(519) 620-8809

Healthy Foods & More
75 Bridgeport Road East, Unit 2
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 2K1
(519) 880-0700

Sorry not Wychwood tomorrow

We did catch something but not fish.  Algea galour.  :(  See you next week hopefully. 

Just took these from the shore....

I am so glad I didn't chance hanging up some laundry for something ate up the blue sky that came out for about 15 minutes earlier today.  I love the smell of rain coming though.  It is so clean and fresh. 
Andrew is down in Dufferin right now and I am hoping he is not looking at the same clouds that I just got pictures of. 
I am really proud of my oldest boy right now.  Christopher applied and wrote a business plan to own/run his own business this summer.  He was approved so he can start hussling so he can open for Canada Weekend.  He will be selling ice cream and frozen treats just across the street from us.  I think this will be a wonderful opportunity for him and give him some experience that working for someone else could never offer.  So if you happen to be in our neck of the woods I am sure he would appreciate you dropping by and checking it out. 

Midnight's kittens continue to grow.  They are starting to venture out from the barn and can be found nibbling leftovers at the 'compost' pile.

My happy girl at last weekend's wedding.

Columbines at my laundry stoop.

Today's Real isn't a picture (but it's one I'd love to get out of my mind) but some sad news and a lesson for all us farm Mommas.

Our Mennonite neighbours lost their 15 month old little boy in a tragic tractor accident.  He was out in the garden with his Mom and Dad thought he knew where he was.  Like Colin says, there's no arguing with farm equipment.  It was so sad at the viewing yesterday.  His 1st birthday cards were still out in the kitchen.  At least the family has such a strong community and family for support.

This is why I keep Ella in a fenced play yard, even though some people think I should be giving her more freedom.  Between Daddy and Grandpa on farm equipment, customers in cars and transports delivering stuff, it's just too easy for Ella to get hurt.

Please keep the family in your prayers, they are young and have 2 other small children.
Well, Andrew is off.  He has only smoked fish in tow. 
I am just glad he made it off the water yesterday before the thunderstorms moved in.  They were pretty consistant till we went to bed.  Today a new batch is moving in.  Hopefully Toronto is missed or waits till the market is over. 
Enjoy the day and I should get some chores done up. 


Just because I am a grandmother doesn't mean I have to act like one so when a couple of friends suggested a get together I jumped at the chance.  I'd forgotten how much fun it is to have a couple of friends come stay overnight.  We talked about boys (our husbands), how to do our hair (one said she would prefer a brush cut, seriously?) while we painted our toenails. We took silly pictures withWoody, proof that my persuasion skills are as good as Matthew's but I had to promise that there would be no posting of said pictures on either facebook or my blog. Darn!  We played games and I made an amazing come from behind run to win the Last Word...it's my blog so I can totally brag it up if I want... and anyway a game where you have to try and get the last word in? you know I am going to rock that one unless perhaps I am playing with Daniel. 

So it was fun to be a teenager again even if it was just for a night.  Oh, I almost forgot *wink* dancing in the basement.  It wouldn't  be a sleepover without dancing and dance we did.  Someone...it may or may not have been me... hooked up a hidden camera to capture an unsuspecting hoofer.  No promises were made regarding the release of such a movie so enjoy.  Heads have been cut off to protect the identity of the victim.
The Movie
The images on this post might be disturbing to some people... Please be re-assured, No-one dyed - I mean died during the making of these coloured papers.  (Better now?)
 The hanging racks at ACAD - looks like a scene from an abattoir doesn't it.... or a horror movie at the very least...
 From this....
 To this....
 Via this....

The two who dyed

Looking at the bluff while the storm swallows it up

Looking up towards the point which our lighthouse is but it is already hidden by the storm

Looking at King's Point and the storm moving in

One of our nets was filled with algea today