Cookies'N'Cream Birthday Cake

We marked my husband's 28th birthday not-so-long ago with our friends and too much alcohol and this birthday cake.

I'm not sure if anyone in the Kitchener-Waterloo area does vegan birthday cakes at a reasonable price but I should probably look into it because the cakes I make always look like crap. Uncomfortably lopsided. Icing looking like it's just been flung on when in reality I painstakingly tried to make it look like it's not a hot mess.

The good news is that regardless of their frightening appearance they usually taste pretty good. This one was particularly yummy, and I have Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World to thank.

First, I doubled the basic chocolate cupcake recipe with two cups of crumbled Oreos tossed into the batter, split it between two round baking pans and baked it at the regular temperature of 350F but doubled the time (approximately 40 minutes).

Then, I made one batch of the Chocolate Buttercream Frosting and spread half of it over top of one layer and then placed the second layer on top. The remaining frosting went on top of the upper layer.

Then, I made a batch of the Vegan Fluffy Buttercream and removed a cup or so, then tossed in about 10 more crushed Oreos to the frosting that remained in my mixer. The plain frosting went into my pastry bag so that I could write the birthday message and the frosting with the cookies went around the sides of the cake (very sloppily, I might add - I do not have proper icing tools).

Note - you can always skip the chocolate buttercream and just go for the cookies'n'cream frosting, if you aren't wanting to write anything on top of the cake. This would make baking the cake considerably less time consuming and your sanity may very well be saved if you are trying to do this all two hours before your guests are expected to arrive, like I was.

Et voila - a very messy but very decadent birthday cake and I got the seal of approval from the many omnis that attended the birthday festivities at our place. It's kind of fitting though - messy cake to go with my messy hair, after too many glasses of wine, midway through the party.

And one more thing - a picture of the awesome Sick on Sin t-shirt I got Paul for his birthday. We first saw the shirt last year at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair and when I saw it online I knew it was perfect for him. A little vegan humour for the zombie enthusiast that he is:


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