If you thought a terrorist cell was checking out your blog, would you report it to the FBI, CIA,MI5 or Canada's less well known intelligence agency the CSIS? hmmm... I wonder if the agents are called Csissies 'cause that would be like an oxymoron right?... well trimmed men with jacked up abs trained in hand to hand combat being called sissies.   I digress.

I was looking at the analytics on my blog and noticed that I had a number of hits from places like India, Sri Lanka, and the UK.  I like to pretend that I am a semi famous blogger whose blog is read all over the world (it kind of is if you count the odd friend I have living or traveling overseas) but I noticed something interesting about the statistic... all the hits were for the same page...the one that included a picture of a nuclear bomb going off.  Have I stumbled upon something?  Am I about to thwart a dastardly plan to blow up the USA? Is a SWAT team going to come crashing through the windows at any moment to confiscate my computer?  Will a black sedan with dark tinted windows drive up slowly next to me while its occupants jump out and grab me off the street in broad daylight?  Has my imagination run away with me again?  Most probably but if I go missing, you'll know why.

A friend of mine has graciously offered to redesign my blog for me.  How cool is that?  I think it's pretty amazing that:

  1. I know someone that can even do that (most of my friends don't even know what a blog is and I completely lose them when I suggest they follow me on a reader).
  2. She offered to do it....for free even!
My dilemma?  As this friend pointed out, the panic is long over and perhaps it was time to change the title to something that reflects my blog more appropriately.  I had been thinking about this myself for quite a while but since it wasn't a pressing matter, I didn't devote serious time to it.

So here's some suggestions I've been given

.- Blush Magnet
- It happened.  Believe it.
- I don't make this stuff up.
- Much Stranger than Fiction
- I'm Not Kidding
- Fionna's Believe it or Not (written in the Ripley's font, to tease)
- Awwwkward.
- The Insider's Guide to Awkwardness
- Bloopers are My Business
- Not your ordinary Mormon Mom Blog
- Making life funny. (This is a suggestion from someone who thinks it's funny because it is almost an acronym for MILF, as if I don't know what that means.)

I am open to suggestions or you can let me know your favourite from above.  An awesome prize goes to the namer of my blog so be sure to leave your name with your suggestion. 

The last little while we've been busy making Ella's bedroom into more of a big girl room.  We finally bought Ella a wardrobe.  Until now all her dresses hung on the back of her bedroom door -her room has no real closet.  That's worked well until lately.  My girl is getting so tall that her dresses are starting to drag on the floor  :)

  It was two long hot days trying to build the cupboard.  I don't know why it's always so hot when we have to do stuff like this.  It was overcast and I had such a headache too.

One good thing with this room change, the cupboard more or less covers the spot where Ella (a few years ago) pulled off the border.  The first couple times I glued the pieces back on, but then some got lost and I gave up.

Here's the cupboard and bookcase all together.  Not bad for 2 days work.  Two doors are closet space and the third door is shelves for undies and sweaters and what not.  I'm glad we finally got her bookcase together.  Now I can get MY bookcase back!

We re-arranged the furniture too.  Ella's room is so small that the furniture only fits in one way.  I'm not sure why these pictures are so blurry.  Maybe it was the headache  :)

And yes, there is room in this bed for Ella.  This pile of stuffies is actually smaller than before.  Ella picked a few to donate.

Ella was less than fun these two days.  I think she might have been fighting a headache too (Momma my brain hurts as she says).  This is the attitude we had to deal with.  Not much help!

But she loves her new big girl bedroom and loves having the bed in a new positions.  She says it feels like a new room.

ACAD Residency Day 1

Yesterday was check in for the residency - we unloaded all our supplies and did the safety tour with Tara.  Met old friends (great to be with you Arlee) and new folks.  And ate tasty waffles, fresh fruit and whippy cream stuff from a can (Oh yes, I did).  
Today was a settling in day for me - Prepared dyes using the dye box - working in gloves too big for my littly hands and a box too big for my littly reach - after about an hour I had prepared what I do at home in 15 minutes, but here I did it safely without ingesting any powder at all!  Powder that the supplier says is only harmful in large quantities.

Then worked on a few small designs to get my hand in again... based them on scanning electron microscope images of bacteria and the like.  Colours based on what scientist use as filters to pretty up the SEM images that are actually in plain old black and white. The images being taken via  microscope lens of a sample coated in gold!  Any colour the specimen had is therefore hidden by the gold.
The later-applied colour filters can be imitated quite well with disperse dyes whose colours are rather out of this world anyway.
One transfer created before I left today... just to give a taster
Wonderful... a text book example of a counterchange design on the side of a truck outside the Art and Design College!
No college for me tomorrow as I am teaching (English this time not stitching).  

I honestly can say that this recipe is one that Mark and I eat on a regular basis. Not necessarily with pesto, but I will show the non-pesto alternative. This is a quick, healthy and delicious meal that you can prepare in under 15 minutes.

What you'll need - 

2-3 vine tomatoes (you can use regular hot house too, but vine are the best!)
1 small onion chopped
1 clove garlic minced
splash balsamic vinegar
splash extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tsp oregano
1 tbsp pesto and extra for bread if you like
or 1 tsp basil if you don't have any pesto 
4 pieces whole wheat bread or 4 pieces of sliced baguette
Parmesan or mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 375F.
Seed and chop tomatoes into small pieces.
Sprinkle salt on tomatoes and put in bowl.
Add in onion and garlic to tomatoes.
Add small splash balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
Stir in oregano and pesto or if you don't have pesto the dried basil.
If using regular bread toast first in regular toaster, if using baguette just place on baking sheet. 
Put heaping spoonfuls of the bruschetta mixture over the bread and spread out evenly.
Sprinkle with parmesan or mozzarella cheese.
Bake 5-7 minutes, until cheese is melted.

I really hope everyone enjoys this recipe as much as Mark and I do! 

Until next time, 


I was afraid that growing up in the midst of four boys, my little girl would be a tomboy.  That was a waste of time. I couldn't have asked for a more girly girl.  In fact, our neighbor used to call her his 'little pink lady'.  One day upon seeing her in a little dress that wasn't pink he commented to her that he was surprised that she didn't have any pink on.  She promptly lifted her dress to proudly show off her pink knickers.

She may not have been a tomboy but having four brothers taught her to stand up for herself.  In grade four she wrote a letter of apology to her teacher after having been caught sharing a note with a friend that included some unkind language about another girl.  She explained in the letter to the teacher that she had not learned the language at home but from the teacher herself, and in grade two after hearing that her older brother was being bullied by a rather large kid she approached the boy in the school yard and told him him "Stay away from my brother you fat b@$*#!" I didn't find it funny at the time but I laugh about it now.  That girl had moxie.

She has a really soft and tender side too, quick to give a hug when needed and always ready with a listening ear. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, and family, especially her brothers and now her husband and daughter.  She values her role as a mother and is attentive and gentle with her daughter.

She has a brilliant sense of humour and we have shared more laughs together than any mother and daughter should (that's a hint that it's often inappropriate).  

She is a smart and confident young woman and I'm proud to call her my daughter.

Happy Birthday Brittany!


My favourite quotes of the week.

WIlliam playing with a little pirate figurine.
Me: "Is that the evil pirate Will?"
William: "No!"
Brittany: "It's One Eyed Willie!"
Brittany in her best pirate voice: "One Eyed Willie is after me booty!"
We looked at each other and literally fell on the floor laughing (it helped that we were already on the floor). William laughed too but didn't get it. If you don't either, well good for you.

Emily and I playing a game on the xbox Kinect.

Me: "We're the first to play this level.  Let's try and get gold"
Emily: "Okay."
We played the level.
Me: "Hey, we got platinum!"
Emily: "Is that better than gold?"
She's a college graduate.

I stopped by Kere and Matthew's the other day just after William had gotten into a little trouble.

William: " I cut a hole in my underwear."
Me: "You did?
William: "Yep, with mommy's scissors."
Me: "That was naughty."
William: "Why did people make my underwear out of string?"

There's never a dull moment around here.
Isn't this a great picture.  I've seen this picture here and there for years.  Mother is dressed just the way I love, if I ever get my body back.  And of course the red-gold angel hugging her neck doesn't remind us of anyone  :)

I never thought I could share this picture online.  It's an obscure German print that has hung in our home since my cousin (well Grandma Rees' cousin) died when I was in high school.  But I found it online today!!    The site I found it on had no information for it and called it 'unknown'.  My print has all that information, but it's written (and printed) in German and I have such a hard time to figure out the Gothic lettering.  If anyone who reads my blog could help, I will make my best guess at what's written.  Yahoo's babelfish doesn't work well if you can't get the letters right.

I have always loved this picture.  It came from such a dear sweet lady who just adored my sister and me.  She lived alone in her childhood home (Duggan Ave in Toronto) and had the most amazing back yard.  It was all garden and seemed like its own world.  A great place to be a child.  I always wanted a back yard like hers.  I brought this picture with me in the truck when I moved up.  I wasn't trusting it to the movers, this picture and Great-Grandma's sideboard were both entrusted to Colin's tender care.

Hope you are all having a great Sunday.  Ours has been partially sunny, but completely dry!