pretty, happy, funny, real


Joining the girls for another week of pretty, happy, funny, real.  This is Ella last year on a trip to Bowmanville.  Grandma sacrificed some yarn and Ella was 'knitting' with her crayons.  I'm amazed at how correct her hands look.  I was hoping to teach Ella to knit before our next Bowmanville trip, but Easter sneaked up on me.  I'll have to teach her soon.  Maybe it will cut down on all the 'are we there yet'.  Before Ella it was a 4 hour trip, now it's at least 5 and seems much longer some days.  I'm in no hurry for Ella to grow up, and some days wish she would slow down, but I will be glad when she's old enough to entertain herself in the car for longer periods.


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