Planning for ACAD 2011

I feel very lucky to have landed in Calgary and the Alberta College of Art and Design offers up studio space for 3 months during summer break for the regular classes.
For not too much money you can have access to large work tables and screen printing equipment.
Me? I go because I want contact with like-minded folks.
Last year it didn't work out quite that way as, during June, not many of the artists were not free to work in the studios during the day and were more night-birds.  This year though I am hopeful that there will be some people around when I am, namely the hours 8 - 3.
I am going to be developing my work on digital grounds. I hope to use my own digital imagery which will be more than squeezed, stretched and overlapped to produce abstract art from stuff that might otherwise be quite dull!  Also imagery that I think is already rather exciting will be enhanced by the way I print and screen....  Stay tuned....
To prepare for the residency I am now taking myself back to work I did more than a year ago.  Printing on diverse materials.  Thank goodness I attempt to keep good notes and samples.   These new skins are much larger than the samples I worked before and are from PVA glue, Paverpol and Acrylics.  And I am testing out various surfaces... acrylic sheets, glass, plastics of different types and silicon baking sheets.
This is an old Cricut mat that I am using to re-flatten the skins after they have peeled back from the drying sufrace.  One or two have textural additions of acrylic medium.  They must be within the depth limitations of my printer to be acceptable as skins.


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