Photo Finish!

I hope I shall be receiving a better image than this of the finished Two Lips quilt from the curator of the exhibition! I need to learn how to do a white balance with my nice camera so that the light stays even and true on the quilts I photograph! It was enough to do the binding, the hanging sleeve and stitching the label on the back - all of which seemed to take forever. The least enjoyable bits of any project always seem the most tedious. I handed the quilt in and saw some of the other quilts with which mine will travel. So interesting to see how people interpreted the theme of "Spirit of the West." Once this collection of quilts has been professionally photographed, they will be posted on the Association of Pacific West Quilters website and I'll be sure to make a link to them from here when that happens!

On a bit of a different note, I'm about to be contracted to coach British dialects for a local community theatre's production of the musical "Sweeny Todd." Hopefully I can persuade them to drop a lot of aitches - a la "'ammering of the 'orses 'ooves" and get some Cockney vowel sounds and effective glottal stops out of the enthusiastic American cast!


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