Overwhelming... joy.

I must at least try to explain this terrible, wonderful, mixed-up feeling I have right now.  I'm 19.  I'm in love.  Jesus is amazing.  And I have final exams next week.  They mean nothing to the rest of my life, now, but I must study for them.  And then there are the flowers, and the dreams, and the sunshine, and the rain that is blowing down the street right now.  It's beautiful.

I'm impatient, and yet the speed is terrifying.  How can those things coexist?  My heart is tossed around, excited, bewildered.  My life feels to be a flood of intense emotion, fleeting glances, terror, wonder, endless moments of longing, missing, laughing, crying.  Beautiful crying.

God's plan is so ridiculously amazing, I must say.  I am daily baffled, floored, overwhelmed.

So I'm sick of biology, and all I can think of is... well, shall we say, the future?  I'm excited.  Yet even in this crazy last week and a half, I'm trying to remember to work "as unto God".  It's hard.  Each lesson in humility is a reminder of God's sovereignty.

Yet life is beautiful.



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