If you did not read yesterday's post go here first or this will not make much sense at all!

So I get the feeling you are all dying to know what was in that lady's shopping bag and whether or not it was worth the 20 dollars she stole from me....

I opened the bag and there was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.  It was a stick about the length and width of a standard size ruler with an elastic cord on one end.  On the other end of the elastic was a plastic leg, yes leg, and apparently you pull on the leg in much the same way as I am pulling on your leg right now.  *smile*  Happy Belated April Fool's Day. I am wondering if I will have any friends left after this.  I know, I am evil.  I couldn't help myself and I just knew that if I had posted this on April first, too many of you would have guessed what I was up to.  Brittany says I'm lucky that no one can reach out and slap me over the internet.  When I saw how many hits I got on this post yesterday, I started to worry that it might go viral and I would end up on Ellen or something and that would just cause major problems in my family because which kid would I take as my guest without upsetting the others?

I really did believe that this was only going to be read by just a few people and I could feel it spiralling out of control when I realized others were reposting it.  Don't you think that's payback enough.. the worry it caused me...the fear of retribution?

Don't feel bad if you got sucked in, judging from all the comments I got, you're not the only one.

I have a feeling I'm in trouble.


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