Ice Cream Sundae

The chocolate ganache from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World makes for a positively lovely hot fudge-esque topping for your favourite vegan ice cream (I used Organic Rice Divine Very Vanilla). I honestly can't believe I haven't tried this before!

Make the ganache, let it cool a minute or two (but not completely) and pour it over the ice cream. Top it with some fresh cut strawberries and walnut pieces and it makes for a pretty darn amazing spring/summer dessert.

Eating this sundae after an afternoon of patio-laying has given me a cute idea for summertime entertaining. The quintessential buffet dessert of our youth...the SUNDAE BAR! Dairy-free vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, fresh fruit, various chopped nuts, sprinkles - the options are endless.

By the way.

This here is an ice cream sundae. A vegan ice cream sundae. Both in theory and in actual actuality. And I wasn't sure I was even going to do a post on it because, after all, it's just an ice cream sundae - something any of us could make in all of five minutes. But I wanted to post today. Because I think the world needs vegan food pictures today. In all their actually-vegan glory.

(If you have no idea what I am talking about, click here for the latest, possibly biggest, controversy to hit the vegan blogosphere).

Don't get me wrong, I understand fiscal demands. I understand that using stock photos is quite often an industry staple for most magazines. But using something that your readership is so strongly opposed to on an ethical and moral level is not only unacceptable it is downright insulting. This is not simple false advertising - this is VegNews disregarding the basic tenets of the magazine's philiosophy and the principles of its target readership. This is taking something that we vegans believe and that we structure our entire existences around, that we thought YOU, VegNews, also believed and that YOU structured YOUR existence around, and not only ignoring it but exploiting it in order to sell us more of your magazines.

Although VegNews claims to have used these stock photos because it was a financial necessity, it is what is implied by their use that I find particularly disturbing. Using non-vegan photos implies vegan food is somehow unattractive, somehow unattainable, somehow not as good as a plate full of mutilated animal. So, I don't really care that the "reason" they photoshopped bones out of ribs and claimed they were vegan is because they couldn't afford to hire a photographer. Regardless of their actual (or fabricated - who really knows at this point?) intent, it comes across as a statement that veganism is somehow less than the Standard American Diet. Exactly the kind of ridiculous and false stereotype that many of us vegans are working to abolish is reinforced for the mainstream, once again. This time by someone we thought was our ally.

And let's be real, the monetary excuse is not an excuse at all. Tell me that there aren't dozens of vegan bloggers out there willing to be volunteer recipe beta testers, competing for a chance to take the best photo and have their name and blog published in a national magazine?


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