Homeschooled Children are Weird?

I think this is a great article that really answers the socialization question.  Instead of trying to defend against this question, we should embrace the fact that our homeschooled children are different (or weird).  I think most of us homeschool, at least partially, to ensure that our children don't turn out like most public school children -just another mindless cog that follows commands and doesn't think for themselves. 

Yes, My Grown Homeschooled Children Are Odd — And Yours Will Be Too!.

If the choice is for Ella to be assimilated into the herd mentality, a victim of over commercialization/s-xualization prevalent in public schools, and to surrender her individualization or to be peer-independent, free thinking, and a well rounded, loving person -I'm sure you can guess which I'll choose.

Any one who has met my Ella will tell you she's not 'normal'.  She will talk with anyone and carries on very intelligent conversations.  I am always being asked if she's in grade one (and not because she's tall).  Ella doesn't notice differences in people, not colour or mental ability.  Every one she meets is her friend.  She is loving and a creative thinker.  She is not a mindless cog just doing what she's told when she's told to do it (i.e., at the bell).  Ella loves to learn and explore.


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