Burke-Shyer, Bahk-Shuh? Let's Call the Whole thing Off!!

The English in me is really bubbling to the surface as the countdown to the Royal Wedding has really begun in earnest. Our American TV has gone nuts with little feature stories about all sorts of little details and, of course, has gone a bit overboard with the inevitable and rather tiresome comparisons between Ms. Middleton and the late Princess Diana. But I'm hooked on it all. And I can't get over how the new social media and internet is overflowing with info -- why Clarence House is even Tweeting and there's an official YouTube channel for this event! And a Facebook page as well!

That last part is making me feel quite ancient as I remember listening to the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and her handsome Greek Prince on the "wireless" sitting up in bed suffering from the Chicken Pox!

The BBC America channel is going to be my faithful companion, starting at midnight Pacific Standard Time. I'm promised continuous coverage without commercial interruption. I'll be watching exactly what those who will be watching the BBC in England will be seeing! This decision was reached after a week of cringing at the way many American TV commentators have been murdering the pronunciation of some famous English places. Like "Bucking-HAM" (emphasis on the HAM) Palace and "Burke-Shyer" for the Miss Middleton's county. I suppose "Bucking-um" and "Bahk-Shuh" would seem a weird way to pronounce Buckingham and Berkshire to anyone but those born in the UK!

I do love the mug -- but fear it looks a bit dainty to put in a dishwasher. Hopefully there are some more rugged and less expensive mugs being created for sale.


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