3 Two-Lips Update ...

I've done all the hand embroidery - the blanket stitch around the blossoms and the running stitch in the negative spaces. Today I added a backing fabric and have been using my sewing machine to do some stitching to hold the three layers together. I stitched around the edge of each shape. Then ran a nice built-in wavy stitch pattern down the stems and started doing the same on the petals of the tulips. I decided to add a 4th 2-Lip in the bottom right hand corner of the quilt, a sort of ghost 2-Lip with Leaf, embroidered into the background. For a bit of different energy in the piece, I did a scattered seed stitch stipple. I have to do a bit of hand quilting, and figure out something simple for the outer border. Then a binding, a hanging sleeve and it will be a big Tah-Dah!

I shall be sad to let this little quilt go, but am very excited to think that it will be on exhibition at the 2011 Pacific West Quilt Show in Tacoma in August. After the Quilt Show it will travel with other "Spirit of the West"-themed quilts to various venues across North America. When I know the schedule I'll be sure to post the info here.


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