Yarn Along -30 March 2011

An now, to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming...
This week my Yarn Along post is an 'un-Yarn Along' post.  It's a frogging post.

As you can see, I survived having 2 wisdom teeth out.   I can't say enough nice things about that dental clinic.  I didn't even bruise from the IV needle.  And I usually start bruising by looking at the needle  :)  I have no swelling or anything.  I'm still rather stoned, but am going to cut down on the T3s today.   I want my baby to come home and I don't feel comfortable being responsible for her when I'm this stoned.

Ella's sweater has not survived!  I am ripping (frogging) the whole thing out.  There is just something I don't like about the pattern.  I think it's the tension they want for the wool.  I'll have to find a different pattern.  At least Ella's not desperate for the sweater.  And besides, it will soon be warm enough for her poncho.  Maybe I'll surf around Ravelry and find something else to use the Marble.

It'll come as no surprise that I'm not really reading anything right now.  If you knew how long this post has taken to type (hopefully correctly) you'd probably tell me to get off the computer too  :)  Needless to say, I'm glad I made the Knitting Blog posts last week.

I should probably go lay down for a while, the room is spinning.  So I will return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


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