Make Perhaps This Out Sense Of Can You 
I take my preparations for teaching the Kreative Momentum classes rather seriously - for the next class we are taking disperse dyes to another level.
I work on the theory that the end point is not important - I simply create and learn and adjust things as I go along... I am taken away by the process...
Sorry to go on about my recent thrill at attending Marjolein's workshop but she stated the same philosophy and it gave me a buzz to hear it from another voice... and then sure enough, yesterday - whilst working and listening to the BBC world Service,  I heard the same theory from the visual poet Bob Cobbing *

"I think I never set out to do anything.  I think that's fatal.  I think to have an aim in mind is probably very restricting.  It's really a matter of doing things to see what happens.  Really, you know, you don't know what it is going to sound like until you've done it,  and the second time is different and the third...  (chuckles...)  "

 *Be quick there are only 12 days left to listen


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