Ian and I had dinner tonight at a Japanese restaurant.  As we went to the front to pay for our meal, I asked the young Asian lady taking our money if she had any family back in Japan.  She looked surprised then said "I'm chinese."  
"Oh" I replied "I'm sorry.  I just can't .... er... um... I just thought being a Japanese restaurant...yeah, that earthquake was horrible."

I was proud of myself for not blurting out that I just can't tell asians apart.  I came this close.   She was probably thinking "stupid white woman can't even tell a Japanese person from a Chinese person."  She'd be right.

While in Korea, I asked a Korean gentleman if white people all looked the same to him.  He admitted that yes we did.

Seriously?  We have different coloured hair and eyes!

Can you guess which girl is from where?


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