Back from a Little Hiatus

It's a whole week since I posted to my blog!  I had a busy week - in a good way - with some catching up with friends, performing on-camera hosting duties for our local PBS station and generally being distracted from writing here about my quilting life!

I've finished piecing the Split Decision units which currently look like Tibetan prayer flags.  I pieced them like this:   two pairs vertically seamed and two pairs horizontally seamed.  This kept them corralled in the 2 pairs of units needed for each block.   Next step is to do some pressing and re-stacking ready for some assembly line stitching of the blocks. I must confess that here was a tad of "reverse stitching" when my concentration wandered away from the machine piecing.  Sounds simple enough, right? Stitch two pieces of fabric with the seam going one way and then stitch two other pieces of fabric with the seam going another way... oh yeah?  My brain is like a sieve sometimes and the repetitious machine piecing permitted my fertile imagination to spread its wings and not concentrate properly!  Serves me right.  But a little reverse sewing is good for improving the virtue of patience for this impatient soul... Heavens to Betsy! (whatever that means) I even had two neat piles by my machine to indicate which way to sew the pieces.   Ack!!!!!!

Feeling in need of a fabric fondle, I pulled out my Cherrywood hand dyed fabric stash. This includes some very nifty neutral shades.  I think I might challenge myself to creating a little piece incorporating those neutral and greyed colors that are usually out of my comfort zone.  I re-discovered that I had a bunch of 1 1/2" strips already cut from the Cherrywood in the brighter colors, so maybe those might be a starting place that lead me down some road that's not exactly clear yet.  I also looked again at Roberta Horton's book "An Amish Adventure" to remind myself of the fascinating Amish color combinations.   I do admire Amish quilts and will be checking some of my other books on the subject for inspiration before diving in.  I enjoy the percolating part of creating quilts!  

I have just discovered a lovely website which shares photos as opposed to copyrighting them...isn't that so generous, it is called Webshots.  

It is a bit new to me to be linking... so I say sorry to all you out there who do this like boiling a kettle...  But here is my first attempt of embedding (as I like to call it). The website allows you to use, send, or link, to photo-images on the site, which have been uploaded by the public... Nice one.

I was looking for images of the wonderfully mysterious rock formations in Drumheller, Alberta.

Webshots image of Drumheller The Hoodoos in Drumheller, Albertahoodoos, Alberta Canada.

Photocredit - John Millson
These are rather special! hoodoos in Pamukale, Turkey... which we visited donkey's years ago... Donkeys do live long and happy lives don't they?  
They are predominantly grey (the hoodoos and the donkeys) unlike the well-known ones of the Americas (Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park etc) which are red in cross-bedded sandstones. They form as the rock layers erode at different rates.  Often they are mushroom-shaped because of a harder, cap rock which is more resistant to weathering.
In Alberta, maybe all over Canada, I am afraid I don't know, these rock formations standing like sea stacks on land and are called Hoodoos.
They usually go around in groups! as can be seen in the uppermost image.

Working with Shibori and patchwork wadding or batting as it is called here... I have found a way to create 3D hoodoos.. and now I am going to add detail to the rock layers.

Pasta & Lentil "Meat"balls

Soy-free "meat"balls recipe from

Growing, Learning, and Beginning Anew

So where is life at? It's big, that's all I can say. God is working in me, and through me in the most wondrous and incredible ways! I'm finally connecting with people (yay choir!) and feeling like I'm really living. Things keep coming full circle, like I'm watching this bizarre, yet amazing domino effect happen before my eyes. Someone changes, which changes me, which changes someone else...always circles, always flowing!

My old blog's name was 'An Instrument in Christ's Hands'. I liked it, but always felt frustrated because I didn't really feel like an instrument. Now I know He can use me. I know He can work through me. I know I can be an instrument in His hands, used for the glory of His name, and the building up of those around me.

Strangely enough, my strength and ever-growing passion for life, humanity, the things I mention in my 'about me', and countless others, is actually worthwhile. I have been afraid to be me for so long. I always felt I had to be whoever those around me wanted me to be. The last year or two have been a journey, and I feel like I have completed the first section of that journey. At the moment, I feel full, and enriched, and alive.

I just wanted to share a scripture passage from the Bible that has really encouraged me of late:
"[W]alk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing tolerance for one another in love, being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all. But to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of Christ's gift." Ephesians 4:1a-7
Isn't that amazing? And so I will walk in all humility and gentleness, with patience and tolerance, and love, preserving the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Not of my own strength, but the strength that comes with the gift from above. It's my plea to you to do your part. Don't be idle. Pour your heart into the loving of Christ, and through that into love and peace for your brothers and sisters here on earth! We are not separate from one another, we are one.

With all my hugs in ten-thousand sparkling bubbles,

Spring Sunshine

I wish I took better pictures. Mine never do my little munchkin justice.

We went for a walk this afternoon. It was just too beautiful to stay inside. Ella is turning out just like her Auntie. When she was young, my sister used to stop and pick up every rock she came upon. Ella's floowing in her footsteps. At least she didn't want to bring them all in the house, more than I can say for my sister :)
Of course, we had to stop and have a splash in the puddles!
I forgot to mention yesterday. Not only did Grandma take care of Ella, keeping her safe from this latest round of sickness, but ... she's potty trained!!!!! I guess that's where 37 years experience really helps.

Spirit creature

My son's birthday ??card?? . Hallmark eat your heart out - - maybe a spirit creature will keep a bit of me with him when he moves on to pastures new, which could be soon, who knows.
The mass of lime green on its head is knitted metal thread which forms the brim of a hat, the crown of which you can't see...
Thanks to Milliande who gave me the idea of making this small totem in less than a day... Thanks M. for the great video on the topic.
First time with Sculpy - aren't I getting into Michael's in a big way... $100 worth and we only went in for Sculpy!!

My girl is finally home! I thought Friday would never come. Here she is playing in the new car seat box. Grandma had to get a new one, for some reason the straps won't stay snug -a real hazzard. So now she's got a fancy Eddie Bauer, with head rest and cup holder :) It's a $160 but was on for $99 at Canadian Tire.

This is Ella doing her "Melman" impression (from Madagascar). That's her favourite movie right now.

This is my Fabricland haul. I sure wish their fabric wasn't so expensive right now. They have some really nice summer cottons in right now. The purple stipe will be a pinafore to wear over the off-white and the lavender, it looks really good with either. The white eyelet on the right (for $1/m) will also be a pinafore over the lavender. The pink eyelet will be a regular dress, probably with a collar. I'm also going to use the purple stripe to make Ella a sundress, it has an off-white insertion in the bodice that will be smocked. And the floral in the very front is for Momma to get a couple new coverings. The stripe and the pink are made in India, as much as I like to buy Canadian/US, one has to admit that India knows how to do cotton. That material feels beautiful, light and soft. Oh yeah, I also got enough of the stripe to make Ella a new sunbonnet.

Yam & Peanut Puree w/ Chickpeas and Basmati Rice

From Eat, Drink and Be Vegan


So, I had a post inside my head. It has vanished, but I'll see what I can find up in my mind. :-)

Society is messed up. Politics is weird. And yet, somehow, we continue to live, and breathe, and go about our daily duties. Time keeps on going! Still, it seems we must change something. Whether this is with electing a new prime minister, or by living green, I don't know. All I know is we have to trust God, because it's all under control.

I discuss the passive-ness of our generation and the generation before us, and I feel like I, as an individual, must do something to change it. I know I can't change the whole scope of the generation, but what I know is possible, is to change me. To let my Creator work in and through me, changing me. And if a few people do that...maybe we can change. Maybe we can become better.

Where is home? I have yet to figure that out for sure, but when I see a puddle with raindrops swirling into it, or a mountain, or the ocean, or a tree that calls my name, I know I'm home. When I feel that homeward pull, I find my generation changing.

Perhaps this made no sense to you, this short rambling of the topics of passion whirling through my mind, but I hope it spoke to you just a little bit.


Ella's school books arrived yesterday! I got the ones for 3-4 year olds and also the "kindergarten" age ones. I'm not sure how fast she will go through the early books. Her mind is like a sponge. It's almost scary how easily she learns things. They are from Christian Light Publishing. Unlike some of the other Conservative Christian/Mennonite curriculum I've looked at, CLP goes to grade 12.
I need to take back yesterday's rant :) My friend Niki pointed out that the HS conference has lots of workshop/lectures and kids would just be bouncing off the walls. I've decided to forgo the conference this year. I've got all the books I need for Ella and funds are a little tight right now. Maybe next year. I might feel safer leaving Ella with Grandma Isobel by next year. Then Grandma and I could go.
Saw the RNP today and giant surprise I have an infection. I'm now on ammoxicillin so hopefully we can get this cold undercontrol before I end up down at the hospital. It would be nice to have one winter without a hospital visit. Ella's coming home Friday, I'm giving the antibiotic time to start killing bacteria before she does. Feeling so much better today.

"Split Decision" Pieced Quilt

So... here I go with a simple pieced quilt top.  I showed you the batik strips I chose from which to make my own jelly roll! I got them pressed and cut into 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles.  I had fun pairing the bright daffodil and tulip flavored fabrics up with a bunch of different greens. Yesterday I pieced the blocks that featured the reds.  I found a pretty efficient way to stack them up by my machine for easy chain piecing.  2 rectangles get sewn together lengthwise, and the other two get sewn in a horizontal aspect.  

The pattern is called "Split Decision" by Deirdre K. Brown.  Our local quilt shop had a top made up in their window.  I like that it says on the front of the pattern "Make It In One Day!  Two Layout Options Included!"  I have to figure out how to make a decent sized portable Design Wall so I can play with the placement of the 35 finished blocks.  (I think I remember a suggestion on Melody Johnson's blog about that)  Who knows, this top might be suitable for a large background to do some fused applique on....THEN I can do more of the hand stitchery that I love ... we'll see how it goes.  I just needed a nice easy machine piecing project to do after all that "thinkery" and hand stitchery on the Rose quilt!   It might just stay as it suggests in the pattern, plus it will be a good piece  upon which to practice (the dreaded) free motion quilting.

And no, folks, I haven't forgotten about all the stash of fabrics I recently purchased.  I guess I needed the inspiration of my pretty birthday flowers to spur me on to use some old friends that were sitting in my fabric stash already before the "newbies" appeared :)  
The drugs have kicked in so I'm going to post one quick rant and then I'm going to bed.

I've been looking forward to going to the Rideau Valley Home Educator's Homeschool Conference ever since my friend Niki mentioned it. It's coming up next month so I thought I'd better get some more information, since it's also delivery day for the OVFC. Imagine my shock when I see that children under twelve are not welcome! At a homeschool conference!?! Now I will likely not be able to go. Colin will be cropping by then (fingers crossed) and I need Grandma to come with me to the conference (don't do crowds well alone). I have no one else to leave Ella with. In fact, I've NEVER left Ella with anyone other than Grandma Hattie. Now I don't know what to do :(

Quite a few people at the Library meeting yesterday said that they thought I was developing a personal voice and style with these little art quilts.  Looking at the last 3 pieces all together made me wonder if that's true.  I used Artfabrik  hand dyed fabrics and threads in all three pieces which gives them a certain "look."  I think my confidence with designing original work is growing which feels great.  I have also noticed that when I make quilts like this, I get totally absorbed and obsessed until I get that wonderful feeling that I am on the right track and that I will have an outcome that satisfies me.  It's a real bonus to have other people enjoy the work.  I am very grateful for and appreciative of all the encouragement and positive feedback that's come my way through comments on this blog.

I need this winter to end. I am so tired of being sick. Last week Colin got a really sore throat, I was worried it was Strep. But seemed to be getting better so I didn't drag him to the doctors. I was feeling find until Sunday. I had such a fever. I was shaking uncontrollably. I was so cold. My temperature was 102F, which is pretty high for me since I'm not 98.6 even at the best of times. Thank goodness for Grandma. Ella was having a sleepover Saturday and Grandma has kept her ever since. I don't want Ella to catch this -whatever it is.

Grandma just came by to pick up my grocery list. There is no way I'm in any condition to go out in public today. I'm not even sure I'm getting dressed today. My throat is so sore, but not in a scratchy kind of way, more a physical sore. It's rather odd.

At least I already had an appointment booked with my RNP to complain about my cough that the Dr. continues to ignore. So hopefully I can get this nipped in the bud before I'm sick for a week too. I get frustated with the medical service up here. They've seen me for 6 years now, you'd think they would have figured out the "ignore Paula's cough/cold and it will go away" theory doesn't work. I hate that I end up on Prenesone nearly every winter since moving up here!

Enough ranting, time to go lay down :[

Salsa, Black Bean & Chipotle Pizza

Whole grain crust + toppings recipes from Vegan Planet.

What a fun time with the Gig Harbor Library Quilters today!  So much creativity was displayed by the participants with this challenge.  The pix I took of the other 30-ish quilts didn't turn out very well and I didn't remember to ask everyone's names in order to give credit. We each received a neat personalized certificate of participation certificate which read:
'The coveted world famous "Plume D'Or" certificate is awarded to ...  for meeting the challenge of interpreting a poem or a line of a poem through the art of quilting."

 I was excited when I was awarded a 3rd place ribbon which involved me receiving a nice jelly roll with African-flavored fabrics plus a nice selection of coffee-themed fabric as well!  To add to the festivities we all had Dominos Pizza which was delivered to the meeting!  I can't wait for next year's theme!  Once the show is hung in the Library I'll shoot some pix to tell the end of the story of this little adventure with the Rose Challenge quilt.

Vlogging in the Kitchen

Here goes...


Memories in the Now

Gracie and I almost 2 years ago, visiting here.

So, my friends. Here I am. I am suddenly feeling sentimental. Lots of big thoughts, big dreams, words, ideas, moments, flashes of the past and the future...peace. I am here to share some of it.

Life keeps changing. Just over 4 years ago, we moved. A year and a half before that, the best friend I've ever had moved. My heart was torn apart. Since then my life has changed. We moved, I met other people, but not too many. My musical life exploded from duty to life, I met teachers who became friends and mentors, I went to new places, I started singing, I explored the bounds of my personality. I've become me. But with all the beauties of the gentle arrival of adulthood, I miss my childhood.

I will never forget. That big maple tree; I'm certain I shared part of my soul with it. Each twist and turn of the branches. The best ways to get to the highest parts of the tree, the secrets, each knot, each lookout spot, the real ways to use the swings. I have so many memories there! My own imaginary worlds, alive and full of colour, log cabins in the woods, and scenes you'd see right out of Little House on the Prairie. Or just my every day imaginary world, which was so human, it almost doesn't seem imaginary when I remember it.

But I remember so many good times with friends in that tree! Racing to the tree to see who'd get the blue and white rope swing, always disappointed when the other person got it, because honestly, it was such good fun. Heavy discussions, and light ones, heated arguments and cheery laughter. Remember, Gracie, all the good times we had?

Grace and I met at her 6th birthday party. I apparently gave her a blue balloon, although I have no recollection of this. :-) We became friends, and used to spend an inordinate amount of time together, playing with our dolls, mostly. Our 'husbands' were always away on business trips of course, and we'd dress 'the girls' up and do all sorts of wild and crazy things. At one point I think I even remember Gracie having plastic surgery done on poor Rosie. I think Pearl was better behaved, however, even if her name perhaps isn't as doll-perfect as I'd like, thinking back on it. We used to drop 'the girls' off at 'daycare' in the living room, (which was more like 'time to throw the babies across the room!') and dressing up in our 'uniforms' and going to 'work' at the 'doctor's office' in the kitchen, which entailed placing two old phone on the table, answering them, ("Hello, this is Doctor Johnson's office, Patricia speaking, how may I help you?") and taking down appointments for the following week. ("Mr. Flob Flobson? Okay, is 2:30 on Friday okay? Good. Bye!"), plus putting our 'business cards' out. That's important. Then we'd pick up 'the girls' and dump them in my room.

Perhaps at that time we'd play the store game, and take turns being the clerk or the person who comes in. You never knew what you'd get if you were the clerk. It might be a cranky old man with a cane, or a little old lady who can't find her car keys, or just some young kid with no brains. Most ways, however, they all bought honey-garlic ham. I guess they weren't vegetarian. :)

Then we'd have some telepathic action happening and decide at the same time that we wanted to go swimming at the pool in town, and off we went. That happens to be the same pool where I got my WSI. Doesn't everything come full circle?

We had a lot of good times, Gracie and I did, along with all the other homeschool kids; Daniel, Caleb, Sarah, Ruby, and of course the clans of cousins, Hayley, Alison, and Adam, and any other kids who happened to come along. We were a crazy bunch of kids; noisy, rambuncious, and always bossing each other around, but somehow we managed to be a community. In the end, we always had fun. What is it about being kids that you always manage to get along? How come friends seemed so easy to make? How come it can be so hard for one person to continue having those friendships, and not for another?

And yet, sometimes it doesn't matter. I've grown so much, I've learned so much, and so have all of us from that community of kids back then. Most of us are almost adult, with just a couple short years left before the full responsibilities of adulthood begin to weigh upon our shoulders. We are all so different from what we were then, and from each other, and yet we are like a big Y with a whole bunch of arms; all woven together at the bottom and then slowly drifting away into our individuality. It's crazy, isn't it, how life and time can fly by so fast, each lifetime within evolving into this amazing conglomeration we eventually look back on and call 'our life'. It was another lifetime ago, and yet it's me, it's them, just as much now as it was then. It's just not now anymore.

So when I remember those initials I carved in my big tree, of all my friends, and when I remember my treehouse, and my swings, and staring at the big blue sky with the wonder that only a child can have, or when I remember all the beautiful things I shared with friends like Gracie, I can fully accept it as my life. I can cherish it, and share it. I may cry now, but in essence I only spill memories, not tears, so I can show you.

Remember with me?

Sheila Christine

My birthday was filled with gifts of spring flowers which I am enjoying so much.  I now have them outside on our deck where, because of the cold weather, they will last a bit longer.  These spring flower colors inspired me to pull a bunch of batiks out and cut some strips.  I have a simple patchwork pieced pattern in mind to whip out a cheerful spring quilt.

I am looking forward to the Monday Library Quilters' meeting as that is the deadline for us to turn in our poem-inspired quilts for the month-long exhibition in the library!  I have to make a 4" sleeve for the back of the Rose Challenge Quilt before then.

My crop widowhood begins today :) Colin and Dad got back at the corn that has waited all winter out in the field. They have been chomping at the bit for a while now, but there has been too much snow in the field. The corn really holds snow. Soon they will start cropping and then we won't be seeing Daddy until it gets dark.

It was fairly nice today so Ella and I walked out across the soybean field to see what Grandpa and Daddy were doing. Bad idea. There isn't as much "residue" left on the field as it looks. It's mostly mud. But only the top two inches. You sink down two inches and then hit frozen, slippy ice. Ella was covered in mud up to her pull-ups :) We had a short visit with Daddy while Grandpa was emptying the combine. Then we walked back to the house on the driveway, which was a little less muddy -not by much! I sure hope we have a nice spring this year. Last few years have been cold and wet and then suddenly hot and humid. Not nice cool/warm spring days like we used to get.
Vertical Coral Growth

I wish I had a month of uninterrupted time.. but I also want to spend time with a life outside of stitching so I WILL go to Fernie to ski for 4 days!!! However....

Great excitement as I play with some more mushrooms... still the same colours and still the same size and shapes...
Firstly a growth of coral stretching vertically for the light... then a fallen coral colony - I need an army of people to make the individual corals so that I can create a whole coral reef!

And the biggest excitement were the coral calyx... now I know I must add colour and stitch and jewels of beading to create the creatures asleep in their calyxs... (plural of calyx anyone??).. for it is only at night that the coral animal bursts out of its exoskeleton to munch.

At last I can break out the shocking pinks of Kemtex!!! (Got to hurry now - meeting at school to discus the Graduation Ceremony for my daughter but next entry will have link to Kemtex beloved dye suppliers).
Now there is much for me to look forward to on my return from the snows of the West.

Garden Pasta

From Skinny Bitch in the Kitch

What is wrong with me - why can't I commit!

Above is an image of a (nother) work in progress... actually it just took over so I think there is power in these voodoo dolls.
This one is possessing me today - so I think I might not be stitching chromosomes at ballet but I will brave the sad glances from the other mums and stitch this totem instead.

It is made with the same technique as the chromosomes... The Indian Button method... right now it looks like a bunch of threads...and that is because that is what it is! But already it is holding together and can be squeezed and hugged, holding it and looking at the colours already creates an emotional response. I feel it will tell me its name.

The surface I created using the shibori mushrooms on a wonderful fleecy fabric has been on stand by. Now it is held in place (but still pinned). When the light bulb (of inspiration) came on, I added marbles as a reference to the much used Shibori technique that this piece was built on. I think they might be encouraged to shine out when it is finally lit. They provided the fixings that the fabric needed to attach it at back to a mesh/framework/support.

I still have to add the stitched references to the gills and figure out how to get it back lit but if all else fails it will be a tube light like the previous one made using digital printing etc.

Now I go back to preparing more shibori mushrooms for a development in the series. And get those digital printable surfaces ready for tomorrow... the big rush before a skiing holiday over the children's Spring Break next week.

The Story of Stuff

You have to see this!!!:

The Story of Stuff


Life is Amazing

Just a quick little post to say that I am undeniably happy. I must be like...I don't know, what do they call it when you can spiral down into a pit really quickly, but can also get high and happy really easily? Whatever it is, I'm that. I've been up and down quite a number of times already today, but I can definitely say this is as high as I've been all day, and it makes me very happy. I just feel joyful.

We just had a Bible study, and you know what? God is pretty amazing. His bigness and amazing-ness, and the fact that we are all His Creations, and that He loves every one of us and wants every one of us to love Him always astounds me. God is good.

Life is big. I've just had a bizarre and totally cool, yet sort of expected event happen, and I'm kind of thrilled. It's scary but exciting. It seems every day my little dreams just get a bit bigger. I think I'm the kind of person where I have these huge dreams that don't seem very important to many people, but will end up being radically life-changing for a whole ton of people. Plus, tiny houses in the woods are stupendously cool, and that is truly my dream.

Picture this: A tiny little house in the woods, mostly solar-powered, one bedroom, a lovely little kitchen, a wood stove and a big, big piano in the corner. Passive-solar heated, so big windows to the south, maybe a cob floor, and outside those windows, deciduous trees and the biggest vegetable garden you've ever lain eyes on. Space for people to visit me and camp out. Space for additions. Space for little children that will eventually pop up to run around and be free and learn and experience life. People of all walks of life being inspired to sing and make music, and to share humanity together. People being encouraged in their faith in God, their walk, and their life. Through sunshine and rain, hard work, laughter, tears, frustration, and teamwork, building a life that is worthwhile. I'll do that any day.

And if my tiny-come-big dreams don't turn out, I can sit down at the piano and play them, and in that way, I can share every word with the whole word, and they will all be able to understand!!! I can sing them with all of my soul, and pour every emotion out in the vibrations of the sound, floating across the breeze.

Somehow. Someday. Somewhere. There is a time and place for whatever life may bring.


Romaine, spinach, apples and mixed nuts.
A beautiful rainbow appeared in the afternoon of my birthday yesterday. It was a complete arc, but the middle was obscured by dark clouds!  Nui Nui for luck.  This yummy cake was organized by my family for dessert. One candle for the many years I've already lived, and one candle to grow on!  The Red Red rose theme continues.

Spring, Spring, Spring!

Colin went out to check the barn yesterday and called me from the window. Guess what?! There are snowdrops starting to poke up through the ground!!!! It's amazing. It was so cold and snow the other day and now we've got flowers poking through the ground. A few more days like today (+6C) and we'll have real flowers in the yard. I'm so ready for Spring.

We had a quiet Sunday. Morning Prayer at church, Ella's a little out of practice but didn't get too out of hand :) I made a roasted turkey for supper. The grocery store had them on sale a few weeks ago. My MIL doesn't like turkey, so we never have it for "turkey" holidays -chicken just isn't the same. My Mom and I get turkey cravings, so I made some. It was a big one, I'll have to think of some things to make and throw in the freezer or else we'll be eating turkey for a month. Even I don't like turkey that much -haha.

Ella loves puddles. We took a walk around the yard yesterday and today. Yesterday was so nice that I was out in just a sweater -at 7:30 at night. Even though, today, I was told "I stay out of puddles" she still needed to be changed and scrubbed down before bed :)

Fresh Veggie Pitas w/ Seasoned Tempeh & Hummus

My own concoction.

Home Stretch ...

Only three little things left to do ...  First I  have to make and attach a 4" hanging sleeve on the back, then print out the words of the poem on some store-bought printable fabric which I'll attach temporarily to the bottom of the piece!  Tah Dah!  And thank you Robbie Burns for the lovely song and lyrics which inspired this work:

O my love is like a red, red rose,
that's newly sprung in June.
O, my love is like a melody,
that's sweetly played in tune

As fair thou art, my bonnie lass,
so deep in love am I,
And I will love thee still, my dear,
till a' the seas gang dry.

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
and the rocks melt wi' the sun!
And I will love thee still, my dear,
while the sands of life shall run.
And fare thee well, my only love!
And fare thee well awhile!
And I will come again, my love,
Tho' it were ten thousand mile!
So I got some recordings of our little choir concert on Wednesday night. I thought you all might enjoy listening to some of it, so here it is. I also sang a duet that evening with Christina, so I think you might like to listen to that to. Here it is!

You should be able to see a drop-down list underneath with Oh Lovely Peace (the duet), and the four choir pieces; Lerchengesang (Lark Song), Love Psalm, Send in the Clowns, and Somewhere. I hope you enjoy!!! (just so you know, there is no picture) EDIT: Meant to mention that in the duet I'm the lower voice. I usually sing first (like REALLY high!!!) but we are both first sopranos, so we just chose arbitrarily. :-)