Volunteering and such...

• Aug. 16, 2007

Hello blogging world!

I'm sorry I haven't posted much! Very busy! I am working on a serious, 'thinky' post or two, but I just haven't been able to get around to working on them. Sorry everybody!

Anyway, here I am, so I'll let you know how life is. I'm volunteering at the local pool this week, which is really fun. I have my AWSI (Assistant Water Safety Instructor) as you know, so I am allowed to assist with lessons. It is quite interesting, and I personally think quite fun, to help with teaching these kids! Showing them how to fix something, and helping them along, and then discovering that they have fixed the problem is so very rewarding, just like teaching music. It has been an intense confidence builder for myself as well, seeing as I wasn't sure if I could spot the problems easily. Working with an experienced instructor is so awesome, and I get to learn how to judge whether they kids pass the level, and they often give me tips on how to help them and so on. It will be so great having done this so much when I finally finish all my courses and can get hired on as a lifeguard/swim teacher! Yay!

I also got my biteplate and headgear this week. (Orthodontic junk I have to have in my mouth most of the time.) The biteplate really isn't too bad, I can get used to it pretty easily, but the headgear is really annoying. It hurt a bit, and now it doesn't too much, but it's extraordinarily aggravating! I can't turn my head properly, and it's in the way of everything! Oh well, it's just for a few months, and I just have to wear it to sleep and around the house while I do school and whatnot. :)

Although everyone at the Public School (which I often just type as 'PS') won't start school for another few weeks, I'm getting back into it a bit. Not full blast, but some. I'm trying to get my Geometry cone by Christmas, which requires me to do one lesson 5 days a week until then, so I'm working through that. Then I can get going on the Algebra 2. I'm also working on Bible reading and music theory, and trying to do some piano and flute technique. *Sigh* I'm just feeling a bit tired though. My Mom and Dad have had a bit of a cold, and I think I might be getting it. Plus, my headgear is hurting my neck a bit right now (It goes behind my neck, not over my head.), so I'm feeling a bit pained. Maybe I'll be able to get more done next week. Hopefully, anyway!

So I guess there isn't a whole lot more for me to write about my life right now. I think I smell some yummy supper (Yeah, we eat late lots. :P), and I think I see some reading and candy and maybe a movie in my evening. I guess I'd better go!


Did it really happen?

• Aug. 6, 2007
Dear Blog readers,

I didn't know a heart could hurt so much over such a dear friend. Mariah just flew back to Missouri this morning. We had the most lovely time together that any two friends could wish for, and got to know each other beyond anything we thought possible. It truly is a God-orchestrated friendship.

In any case, our parting was an extraordinarily hard one. We both hugged lots, and cried more, and left thinking how marvelous it was that there was someone who loved you enough that they would cry over you in parting. I've been crying off and on all day, it just hurts so much! Sometimes, as I look back on this incredible three and a half weeks, I find it hard to believe it actually happened.

It did, though, and we have some absolutely fabulous memories. We worked on a scrapbook lots, so we have lots to show! We both still have some pages left to work on though. I'm not sure I can do it right away, or with all those pictures I might get a bunch of tears on the paper.

I guess I don't have much else to say.
God bless,